Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Breaking the news early in a relationship that you like to be spanked

When my guy and I first started talking on Skype after he made his move and told me that he found me attractive, he asked me what I was into from a sexual turn-on angle. I was hesitant, at first, to tell him that I liked to be spanked and to give out spankings. I didn't know what he would think of me. I wasn't sure if my love for spanking would change his perception of me. I wasn't even sure that he would ever want to try his hand (pun intended) in spanking me.

Well, he turned out to be open about it. He is my disciplinarian and playful spanker. He has grown to love spanking me and I am eternally grateful!

This video reminded me of our first spanking conversation, except that he was in Portugal at the time and he couldn't exactly pull me over his knee and spank me. Sadly, I don't have a full, plump bottom like this fine spankee has. Still, my butt turns that lovely shade of pink after my guy is done thoroughly smacking my backside.


Ah, such wonderful memories!

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