Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My guy and his love for my hands, fingers, and fingernails

I have mentioned in the past that my guy loves my fingernails. I suppose that I was the right girl, at the right place, at the right time.

My guy told me last Friday that nicely manicured fingernails are a huge turn-on for him. When I first found out about it almost a year ago, it was a surprise to me. I am fortunate to have inherited pretty hands and nails from my mom.

A year ago, he had made a comment to me in the lunchroom at work that I had nice fingernail polish on. I had just tried a nail strengthener that had a hint of pink, as my nails were chipping more often than I had liked. He touched my left hand's baby finger.

A few weeks later, after he had spanked me for the first time, we sat down and he held my hand. He made a remark about how beautiful my hands were. I have had a couple of doctors and colleagues comment on my hands over the years, as I write for a living. I suppose that it's pretty obvious when you see my hands stretched out over a keyboard practically all day.

My guy told me that he has never gone out with a woman who didn't have nice fingers, fingernails, and hands. I lucked out. He analyzed my left hand fondly last Friday.
"Your fingers are perfect," he remarked. "They aren't too thin or too fat. They are just right."
"Like the bed in Goldielock and the three bears?" I asked him, which made him smile.
I am glad that he loves my hands, fingers, and fingernails. They turn him on when I am giving him a handjob and he looks at my fingers wrapped around his erect penis. He loves when I touch him, especially when we are intimate. One time, I was caressing his forearm after sex. He wasn't looking at my face. Instead, he was looking at my hands on him.

He constantly compliments me. It's not that I have low self-esteem or anything. He is simply a sweet guy.

As of late, it is nice to see an aggressive side of him come out when we are intimate. Afterwards, we hold each other, kiss, and hug. And yes, we hold hands and he gets to look at my hands and manicured nails.


  1. I agree! My guy is sweet. I told him yesterday that I lucked out being with him because I have nice hands and nails. He told me that he is the lucky one. That statement made my day. =)