Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nail polish, footsie, and sleepyhead pictures

On Monday, my guy and I went out for lunch with another colleague. Our colleague is leaving the company in a couple of weeks and she wanted to spend some time chatting with us. It was great.

I drove us to the restaurant. My guy asked me whether I had changed my nail polish. He has never asked me that before. He normally holds my hands or looks down at my feet to figure that out.

I said that I did. He knows that I change my nail polish every week. I am not that diligent with my toenails. However, I went with painting my toenails with a shade called midnight blue, as the nights have been pretty cool for the past few days.

We got to the restaurant and sat down. My guy sat across from me. He looked under the table to see the colour of my toenails. He has a boyish charm about him that I absolutely love.

Under the table, he lightly brushed his shoe against the side of my sandal. I extended my leg and brushed my calf next to his. It was a nice moment. We have never played footsie in a restaurant before.

Our colleague had to use the washroom. My guy decided to snag my cell phone from me. I playfully tried to get it back, but he has longer arms than I do. He did admit to me that he is not as cell phone-savvy as I am. He wanted to see the two pictures that I had taken of him when he had dozed off at his cubicle.

So, I showed him my photos of him. He laughed hysterically. He wanted me to send them to him. That wouldn't be a problem.

I reassured him that I would not be sharing these pictures of my sleepyhead with anyone. They are just for us. I want them to be used in our role-playing scenarios. These pictures are supposed to get me in trouble and I get spanked for being disobedient.

It's fun to be mischievous. It looks like Friday will be my punishment day. I look forward to it!

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