Sunday, August 05, 2012

Getting pinched, pleasured, and spanked on a Friday

On Wednesday, it was clear that my guy and I would be scheduling some time in the treehouse on Friday. Towards the end of that day, he whispered two words in my ear: black panties.

Friday had finally arrived. I got to work at my usual time and talked with my guy, who was pleased to see me. We chatted throughout the day. I actually initiated a conversation with him about needing some information from him. He had a couple of files that I could use on his USB flash drive.

When he first handed over his USB drive, which was attached to his keychain, our hands automatically touched. I squeezed his hand and he reciprocated. We then continued our sexual innuendo-based conversation from Wednesday.
"I wonder what this key does," I said, looking at my guy's keychain. He came over to talk to me.
"Are you pushing my buttons?" he asked, as we were both looking at his car fob.
"I am holding your stick," I said, referring to the USB flash drive.
"Now you have made me blush," he said, but we both knew that he was acting there.
As for the part-time colleague, we both made her feel a bit uncomfortable. It wasn't the content of our conversation. It was that she couldn't interject and contribute to the banter. Where do you go with that, really?

I had a brief conversation with our boss about work. He then brought in my guy to talk about creating a video to train a customer services manager who does not know how to use a software application. My guy suggested that I record a video. I told them that no one wants to hear my voice. My guy said that folks are likely tired of his voice. Our boss agreed that having a female voice would be good, but we were all joking about this task. My guy mentioned husky in the conversation, which we both knew was a reference to mine. My guy loves my voice and has told me that it gets husky whenever we engage in phone sex.

My guy teased me in front of our boss. My boss said that my guy was playing a third-party psychological test on me. I told my guy that he needed psychological help. He thanked me. I was planting another seed.

On Skype, my guy asked me when we'd be heading out. I said that I would in ten minutes. I tend to leave first. My guy follows suit shortly afterwards, simply because I start my workday earlier than he does. It just makes sense that we punch out in that order, so it doesn't look like he is goofing off. Then again, it is Friday. Goofing off is okay.

I drove to our local spot. Before I had left the office, my cell phone was completely dead. I decided to pull battery out and reseat it. That worked. By the time my phone was powered up, my guy had parked his car next to mine. I had the windows down. He got out of the car.
"Does your phone work?" he asked me. Before I could answer, I knew that he couldn't care less anymore.
"Yes, see," I said, showing him my phone as if I were a little girl.
"Wow!" he said. He was looking at my bare thighs. 
On Monday, he had asked when I would be wearing a skirt again. I decided to find my short, black mini skirt and wear it for this occasion.

I got into the backseat of his car, which is our treehouse. I wasn't sure how graceful an entrance I'd make wearing such a short skirt. He didn't care. He liked what he was seeing. His hand immediately touched my left thigh.

We kissed. A lot. The usual. I unbuttoned his shirt and caressed his toned chest.

He played with my breasts. He then adjusted my blue t-shirt and slipped it off my left shoulder to show my black bra strap. He then pulled my shirt down a bit and took out my left breast.

I enjoy when he adjusts my clothing and how I am seated. I feel like a helpless doll, which is completely different than how I am in the real world.
"See, wearing a short skirt has its benefits," he stated, as we were embracing. "I have full access to you."
He took my left leg and put it over his lap. He moved his hands up and down my leg. I could tell that he loved feeling my leg. He took my other leg and put it up against the armrest. My right foot was nearly touching the steering wheel.

My guy lifted my skirt up and played with my black lacy panties that I was wearing. He started fingering my clit, which derived so much pleasure, as usual. He then moved to fingering my butt simultaneously.
"Do you want another finger in your pussy?" he asked me. I knew that my answer was pointless.
"Yes, sir," I said.
"I won't do it just yet," he said.
"When will you?" I asked, in an anxious, disappointed tone.
"I don't have to tell you that," he said. "It's up to me."
"I will be patient," I said.
At one point, he had all four fingers in my pussy. I moaned. He did something different.
"Have you ever tasted your juices?" he asked me.
"No," I admitted.
He took his hand out of me and smeared my juices all over my face. He then continued to pleasure me.

It took a bit longer for me to reach orgasm, but I eventually did. As usual, after I come, I tend to rest limp.

I then told him that I didn't like my face smeared. He laughed. He immediately took out his bottle of aftershave, put some of it on a paper towel, and wiped my face.
"I hope I got all of it off," he said.
"I think that you did," I replied. I liked this pampering part. He's good at it.
I rested for a bit before we had round two. My guy likes to actually look at my pussy these days. He is the first guy I have ever been who has loved to look at it. He pulled my black panties down to my thighs and admired the sight of them against my skin.
"Do you feel like a slut?" he asked me, as he was pleasuring me with two fingers up my pussy.
"Yes," I admitted it.
"Because you are," he reinforced and slapped my left cheek with his palm. I liked it.
"I know," I said. He slapped my right cheek to even everything out.
I could feel the pressure as he had four fingers up my pussy and his thumb up my ass. I was so turned on. He then pulled his hand out.

He asked me to masturbate like I do when we are on Skype together. He worked on my butt simultaneously, telling me how many fingers I could use. He allowed me to use two fingers. He used the same number of fingers up my ass. It didn't take must to get me off. I did, feeling dopey, but in a good way afterward.

I finally opened my eyes. My guy was lovingly looking into my eyes.
"You are so gorgeous," he said. "You are like a schoolgirl lying there, letting me have my way with you in the backseat."
I was so relaxed. My guy took my left hand and cleaned it up. I knew that he enjoyed looking at my manicured fingernails as he was doing the cleaning.

My guy continued playing with my pussy. It was sweet how he was rubbing it.

Round three. Yes, I wasn't expecting round three.

He started pinching my pussy lips and then pinching my buttocks. I loved the sensation, although it hurt.
"You know, all week, you have made nasty remarks about me to colleagues at work," as he continued to do a pinching number on my backside.
"I was teasing you," I said.
"You didn't think that I wasn't going to punish you, did you?"
"I'm sorry," I said, letting him know that my butt was getting sore.
"Sorry isn't good enough," he stated sternly.
"Ow! My butt hurts, sir."
"It's supposed to hurt."
And, he fingered me yet again. He has magical fingers. I was surprised that I got off again. I was also spent. I rested in his arms. He kissed my forehead.

After he had cleaned up, he rubbed my legs and caressed my face. He's sweet that way.

His right hand moved to caressing my backside. He then lightly smacked my bottom and the intensity started to increase.
"What's that for?" I asked him.
"For being a brat this week," he admitted with a smile. "I love your reaction to when I finger you."
"What do I do?" I asked him, not completely aware of what I do.
"You moan. You breathe more heavily. When I smack your buttocks, you hug me tightly, like you're doing now."
I wanted to work on him, but he was okay with focusing on me today. He wanted to make me happy. He also liked what he was seeing. He told me that hiding my sexy legs in pants was a shame and then smiled at me.

We then went back to square one. We kissed passionately. I especially like to cradle the back of his head as we kiss.
"I could kiss you for hours," he admitted. "I love your full lips and your tongue."
"Which tongue?" I joked.
After two hours, we got out of the car and embraced. I could feel how hard his cock was. I knew that we'd be working on him soon.

I love when the workweek ends on such a good note.


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