Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chatting turns to groping and pleasuring thanks to a short skirt

Well, the spanking that I had coming did not occur on Friday. However, the day turned out well.

I saw my guy online on Skype. I normally don't initiate an instant messaging conversation. Months ago, I did so, but I didn't realize that he was in the middle of a meeting. It's just better if he kicks it off. Anyway, I decided to be daring. He replied immediately.

He was supposed to be at a departmental luncheon on Wednesday for a colleague who will be leaving the company in a week's time. He didn't come into work. He told me that he has been sick for a few days. He is doing much better, as he was strong enough to drag himself into the office on Friday.

My guy said that I was sweet for asking him how he was doing. It comes with the territory. It's who I am.

It was nice to see him at work again. We chatted for a bit throughout the afternoon.

When he was finally done talking with someone on the phone, he came over to my desk.
"We may need to delay our regular activities till Monday," he said to me. "I don't want you to catch anything," which made me smile.
"Well, we can chat if you're game," I suggested. He was. I started to caress and squeeze the back of his right thigh as he was standing next to me.
"That feels good," he said.
He went back to his desk and offered me his bag of potato chips. I joked that there were hardly any chips left -- that I could see the bottom of the bag.

We both walked into the communal kitchen. He opened the door for me. I went over there to wash my hands. He groped my right buttock, which absolutely turned me on.

We chatted for a bit while I was washing my hands. He came over and proceeded to grope my buttocks. I was incredibly horny.
"I wish you weren't sick," I said. "Still want to chat?"
"Yes," he said.
So, we both packed up our stuff and called it a week. We drove to our usual spot.

I had debated whether I should just wear what I was wearing or change into my mini skirt that was in my rolling backpack. I decided that wearing the skirt would make my guy feel better.

He was waiting in the treehouse. I parked next to his car and climbed into the backseat. He was happy to see me in more ways than one.

His hands immediately touched my bare thighs, and moved up and down my legs. I found his erect penis and played with it.

My guy played with my pussy, feeling the lacy panties that I had on. His fingers slipped under them.
"You're wet," he stated. He seemed a bit surprised, considering that we hadn't kissed or hugged each other like we normally start off doing.
"You groped me earlier," I reminded him. "It's all you."
He fingered both my clit and my butt simultaneously. I was so horny. It was a first, but I was playing with his hard cock while I was getting off. Eventually, I came and it was wonderful. His cock was consistently hard throughout the pleasuring process.

I liked how he brushed my hair that was framing my face, and then he caressed my face just before I reached orgasm. He had also groped my left breast.

He slipped his trousers and briefs off, allowing me access to give him a handjob. My left leg went across his lap, rubbing his balls. My right leg slipped in-between his legs as I was working on him. We both like it when our legs are intertwined. There is something sensual and sexy about it.

He told me that he wanted to come on my leg. I told him that he could do whatever he wanted to with me, as I was his slut. Boy, did he ever come! My thigh was covered his semen. He was definitely in dopey mode afterward.

We cleaned up.
"That was the most intense handjob I have ever received," he admitted.
"I am flattered," I said with a smile.
We talked for a while. He kissed my leg. He is the first guy who has ever done that, along with caressing my entire leg and coming on it. We joked that my leg is no longer a virgin.

He told me that I am funny, sweet, smart, and cute. He's a charmer. I told him how sexy I found his chest to be. I have never felt that way about anyone's chest but his. He confessed that he enjoys my unbuttoning his shirt just to play with his chest.

We called it a night by hugging each other. He squeezed my right thigh and then did the same to my right buttock.
"You are making leaving the treehouse so difficult," I admitted.
"Just a sample of what's to come next week," he hinted.
"I wish it were next week, but I need this weekend!" I joked, which made him smile.
My guy is rebounding from being sick quite nicely. I look forward to the spanking that I scheduled for next week.

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