Friday, August 10, 2012

Modelling a short skirt purchase in the treehouse

My guy doesn't have any planned business trips for the next few weeks. Although I am pleased that we will be spending more time together, I know how much he doesn't like sitting at his desk, catching up on work. Luckily, he has a bunch of meetings with clients for the next three business days, so he won't be too bored.

On Wednesday, he had a twenty-minute break from these meetings that were being held on the main floor of our building, in a boardroom. He came upstairs just to see me. We caught up.
"So, how was your weekend?" he asked me, as if he wasn't fully aware of what I had done.
"It wasn't long enough," I said. I knew that he would take advantage of my answer.
"That can be said about a lot of things," he said with a straight face, which made me laugh.
He talked about having a private meeting with me after he was done with his meetings.
"We need to fill a hole," he said.
"Or two," I added, which made him laugh out loud.
My guy went back to talking about my weekend.
"I heard that you went shopping," he said with a smile.
"Yes, I went to the Gap outlet," I said. He knew about my excursion.
"You bought a skirt?" he asked like a curious little boy.
"Yes, I bought a few."
"Are you going to show me?" he asked. I could tell that he was getting aroused.
"Maybe," I teased.
"I like maybe," he smiled.
"I know. It's closer to a yes in your books," I hinted.
Unfortunately, it is that time of the month for me, which hit the moment I got to the office. Poor timing.

My guy was finished his meetings at around 18:00. I got a Skype text from him. I indicated that we'd be working on him today. He was understanding and said that he didn't mind. I thought so.

So, off we went to our regular meeting hangout. Well, I got there first. He arrived about ten minutes later. He looked over at me. I had a short, blue skirt on. It had two layers that allow you to see the silhouette of my thighs under it when the sunlight hits my skirt at the right angle. My guy looked at my legs and made a comment on how great they looked.

We got into our treehouse. We chatted a bit, held hands, and then started making out. Yep, we always start with kissing.

I can always tell when my guy misses me. Our kissing becomes more passionate the more we engage in it. It was to the point where he started kissing my shoulders, my neck, and my face. He put both hands on my face and kissed me. It was nice to feel wanted and loved.

Our tongues met. He loves when I use my tongue to lick the circumference of his lips. He was enjoying the moment a lot. I was, too.

I love caressing the back of his neck and head as we kiss. His hand moved to my breasts. He was cupping them sweetly. I then reached over to his penis. It was erect, as expected.

He undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled down both his pants and briefs. I got to play with his hard cock.

My bare left leg went over his lap. At one point, he pulled my leg over to his balls. I was rubbing my leg against them like the whore that I enjoy being. I will do anything for my guy.

He was highly aroused, to the point where his legs intertwined with mine. He locked my left leg between his legs. I loved it. It was as if he wanted to make sure that I would stay with him -- that I belonged with and to him. It was a lovely moment. His right hand reached over to my right thigh. He squeezed it as I continued giving him a handjob.

Eventually, my handjob brought satisfaction to my guy, who came all over my hand. It was great to please him again. We wiped up and sat next to each other, with my hand caressing his thigh and his holding my hand.
"Do you mind if I open the door to let some air in?" I asked him.
"Not at all. I should have had the air conditioning on. It's hot in here," he replied, swinging his door open.
"It's hot in here because you're in here," I said, which sounded cheesy, but I was being sincere.
"Thanks, sweetie."
My guy, after relaxing from dopey mode, looked at his cell phone and said that we were making good time.
"It must be you taking up all the time during our sessions," he teased.
"Sure, blame me," I said, with both of us smiling. "You made me come three times last time!"
"I wanted to go for a fourth time," he said.
"I would have been in the backseat, laying there for a couple of hours if you had," I joked.
My guy says the sweetest things to me.
"I love everything about you -- your personality, your sense of humour, and your physical features."
"Thanks," I replied. "You aren't so bad yourself."
"Have I told you that you have pretty hands and fingers?" he asked, holding my left hand and looking at my nails.
"Maybe a couple of times," I said, with a smile on my face.
"Have I mentioned that you take great care of your hands and legs?"
"Yes, you have mentioned that in passing," I said.
"I love your legs. I hope that you'll wear more skirts," he hinted, caressing my bare thighs.
"I will break them out on special occasions, like today," I said, which made him smile.
Shopping for short skirts at the Gap outlet does have its benefits.


  1. I like how you write. It's clear. Visual. I can feel the words and passion. I can see that I'll spend a lot of time on your blog, and that I'll be looking up your work on Amazon.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for dropping me a line! I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. Perhaps someday, I will publish my first book.

    I love your Web site. I will be dropping by often. =)