Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Payment for driving my guy to the airport

In my previous post, I had indicated that I had taken a couple of pictures of my guy sleeping at his cubicle. I showed them to him today. He laughed. He liked them.

I advised my guy that I wouldn't use them maliciously. My guy is cute when he is a sleepyhead. I really took the pictures to provide an excuse for him to spank me. It's not that he needs a reason to do it, but it's fun to have one when you are about to be punished.

My guy (MG) logged on to Skype this afternoon. Normally, he initiates the chat. Today, I decided to start it.
Me: Are you awake?
MG: Yes. You won't need your phone camera today I suppose :)
Me: :(
Me: For now, you're safe
MG: You'll have other chances I'm sure
Me: Maybe
MG: Could u give me a ride to [Pearson Airport] terminal 3 around 6 or so? I don't have my car today!
Me: What happened to your car? Speeding ticket?
MG: no. long story!
Me: I can give you a lift. I don't mind a long story.
MG: I guess the longer the better
Me: Can I charge you $25 like the cab guy did from that terminal to get me to work to fetch my car?
Me: Cup size obviously doesn't matter to you, but length does. ;)
MG: :)
MG: Can I pay in services rather than cash?
Me: Maybe :)
Me: I've been thinking about that conversation we had last week. I would rather have you schedule our meetings. It fits our role-playing model nicely and I don't want to break something that doesn't require fixing.
Me: So, it may take several servicing sessions to pay me :)
MG: Deal :)
MG: Payment may be painful though
Me: I can handle it. Two broken implements sort of proves that... lol
MG: Were you sore much?
Me: I was on Saturday. It wore off on Sunday. It's all good. The level of service was excellent. :)
MG: Glad to hear it :)
MG: There is a lot more where that came from ;)
Me: I welcome that :)
Me: So, are you renting a car or something at the airport to get you back home or are you flying to Amsterdam?
MG: I wish I were flying to Amsterdam. I'm meeting a friend who's dropping someone off at the airport and will give me a ride.
Me: Ah, I see. Convenient timing all around. :)
MG: Yes :)
When I drove him to the airport, he caressed my right thigh and reached over to touch my clit. It was nice. We held hands for the entire journey. He was sweet.
"We need to take more driving trips to the airport together," he said with a smile on his face.
"I agree, but we still need our parking lot and treehouse," I replied, as we both smiled at each other.

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