Monday, November 28, 2011

Tell me that I've been a naughty little girl

I recall reading a study last week that said that women absorb text or words a lot better when it comes to visualizing something than men do. In my case, it holds true.

The other day, when I was trying to climax over the phone with my guy, I said something that I have wanted to say for a long time, but have always thought that it was a bit of a cliche:
"Tell me that I've been bad."
My guy did that.
"You've been such a bad girl," he started. "I am going to spank you so hard that you'll never forget it. I'm going to spank you till you cry. Your ass will be cherry red when I'm done with you. You're butt will be sore for a week. You will always be bad, and if I have to spank you in public, I will."
I liked everything that he had said. I especially liked the thought of being spanked in public -- that I've been so naughty that I needed to be dealt with immediately.

A girl can only dream. And yes, I did get off after hearing those words.

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