Friday, November 25, 2011

Play-by-play video scenes and turn-ons

My guy and I talked again over Skype today. It was obvious that we missed each other as we both continue to recuperate from various ailments.

He had a surprise for me. He had searched online last night for a short porn flick that would get us both off over the phone. He played the video on his laptop and provided me with commentary. It was definitely a new experience for me.

The video had a young woman in her early twenties. She was a maid who worked for a fifty-something-year-old man. She was a maid in a typical outfit. She decided to stop working and to masturbate. She thought that no one was looking, but her boss was.

Her boss came over and spanked her over a chair with his hand. She wasn't wearing any panties, so it was a bare-bottomed spanking. Later, they both pleasured each other and eventually had sex. They then put their clothes back on, looked presentable, and carried on with their regular activities.

I liked the flick in that it wasn't the stereotypical maid-boss setup. The boss didn't point out that she had missed dusting a spot on the mantle and decided to spank her. Instead, she caught her doing something unconventional under the circumstances and spanked her for it, telling her so while spanking her buttocks.

We both eventually got off. I did first, but not during the video commentary. He had wondered why I didn't reach orgasm then. He eventually got me there by saying that he wanted me sitting on his lap while he caressed my breasts. He then wanted me to do something, but I had refused. Instead, I got spanked until I caved in. That scenario turned me on.

The commentary by my guy revealed a lot about him. The night when he first spanked me, we took a brief break, and he had commented on how smooth and pretty my hands were. A week before that, he had noticed that I had fingernail polish on. A week after my first spanking, he had noticed that my nail strengthener that I had on my fingernails had a light shade of pink. Today, he indicated that the maid had nicely manicured fingernails.

I had to ask about whether manicures turned him on. He said yes, but went one step further by saying that hands and feet are a huge turn-on for him. It made sense. When he had visited me in the hospital, he touched my right foot and ran his hand up the side of my leg. The following day, he had commented that I had pretty feet. I am fortunate to meet his standards for hands, feet, and nails.

I also noted his reference to stockings that the maid had worn. He likes black stockings that are mid-thigh. I told him that I'd get a pair and would put this task on my to-do list. He didn't have to ask. I just wanted to.

I've learned a lot about him and his preferences over the past three days. Even though he won't say it, I can tell that he appreciates how attentive I am. He's a detailed person. I am, too. We strive to please each other.

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