Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Spanking interest and preferred implements

My guy has never been with someone who likes getting spanked before until now. I had anticipated one specific question from him. He posed it today.
"So, how did you get interested in spankings?" he asked me.
I told him about getting swatted lightly for finishing my math homework fairly fast when I was in elementary school. He seemed intrigued by my story. It made sense to him. A good girl who wants to be naughty. I fit this mould perfectly.

I talked about implements tonight. I like getting spanked with an open hand. The spanking is personal to me. It's difficult to describe, but there's more of a connection there.

The wooden ruler is another object that I enjoy getting spanked with. I remember going to summer school in grade 5. Back then, we had these yellow plastic rulers. One boy was making such a fuss and had his backside in the air. The teacher had a yellow ruler in her hand and gave him a few strokes over his shorts. I remember wishing that my backside were taking those strokes instead of my classmate.

I have never been big on having the belt used on me. I just don't find it appealing. I'd rather have a wooden stick come across my buttocks as if I were being caned.

My guy wants to get a ruler and use it one me. I may have to give him a slipper, too. I love a good spanking with a slipper.

I like that he's willing to fulfill my spanking needs. He's a trooper and a keeper.

He has never done role-play before, but is open to trying it out. I think that it's fun. There's something exciting and creative about acting out a part. It's good fun, as is spanking.

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