Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Change of plans: over-the-phone spanking

Today was supposed to be the day when my guy was to visit me, as I am still recovering from surgery and won't be back at work for a few more weeks. Unfortunately, my guy had an accident this weekend. He had hurt his pointer finger on his left hand when he used a saw. Six hours at the hospital and he is all stitched up. Our department at work is now becoming a patient ward.

Anyway, we talked yesterday. I assumed that he wouldn't come visit me today, for he needs to pop in a Tylenol 3 before he goes to bed. Naturally, I was looking forward to having my bottom smacked by him, but I understood and wanted him to get better so he could spank me once again. He felt bad and wanted to make it up to me. He suggested that he get me off over Skype today. I was game, although it has been ages since I have had phone sex.

Today, I went out briefly to get a peppermint mocha at Starbucks and deposit some money at an ATM. It helped that both places that I had visited were drive-thrus. I came back and had enough energy to do some laundry. My energy level is coming back to life these days.

I checked my e-mail and my guy had written to me, saying that he was available for a chat. I then logged on to Skype and found this tidbit:
"Are you online?"
I obviously wasn't online. My guy wrote some more:
"You know what? I get ticked when you're not online. You know what that means, right?"
 I had a huge smile on my face. I was also getting aroused. I wrote back:
"I must have missed you. You can deal with me and my tardiness once you're back."
Roughly an hour later, he was back on Skype. We went into a chat and played our respective roles:
"When I need to talk to you, I expect you to be online," he insisted.
"But, I was doing laundry," I insisted.
"You can't be making up excuses," he stated.
"You're just being mean and a bully," I shot back.
"You're going to be punished. Bend over. I'm going to lift your skirt up and lower your panties," he said.
I must say that I am with a guy who is great at describing what he is doing to me in detail. He used his hand to slap each cheek and how hard each slap was. He talked about seeing how rosy by backside was becoming and how he could see imprints of his hand on each cheek.
"Are you going to behave?" he asked me, which really turned me on.
"I didn't do anything wrong," I said defiantly. "You're being unreasonable."
"I'm being unreasonable?" he echoed. "Well, you're going to be spanked harder. Let me get that long, wooden ruler out of my bag."
I was excited when he said that the ruler was long enough to smack both cheeks simultaneously. He was rubbing my bottom and then landing a slap across my backside. This pattern continued for a bit.
"Are you going to be good?" he asked me.
"For now, yes," I said.
"You know what happens to good girls?" he asked me rhetorically.  "They cum."
He proceeded to describe how he was going to use his fingers to pleasure me. He had his thumb rubbing my clit and two fingers feeling how wet I was while exploring me. I'd say about ten minutes later, I had reached orgasm. I was relaxed, happy, and sweaty.
"I need to do more laundry," I replied, which made my guy laugh.
"You'll be okay?" he asked me.
"I'll talk to you tomorrow."
We're both looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

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