Thursday, November 03, 2011

Back surgery and affection

So much has happened to me. I have been dealing with a herniated disk in my back for two months. My doctor thought that the disk would heal by itself, but my physiotherapist didn't agree. I ended up going to Emergency at my local hospital last week.

Six hours later, both the emergency doctor and the orthopedic surgeon there recommended that I have surgery on my disk. It was a large herniation and was narrowing my spinal column.

I had surgery on Saturday and have been at home for a couple of days. I am adjusting to the changes and coping with aching all over.

The day before I was discharged, my guy came with another colleague to visit me. Although it is not ideal to give me a spanking these days, he was sweet.

He sat at the foot of my bed. He looked at my feet.
"You have pretty feet," he said, rubbing my right one, which made me laugh.
"Thanks," I said.
"Are your feet ticklish?" he asked me, as he knows that I am.
"Yes, but it's okay," I said.
He proceeded to rub my leg, between my ankle and the side of my calf.
"So smooth," he remarked.
"I can feel your touch. I couldn't before the operation," I remarked.
I am a lucky girl.

Later, my colleague was asking for directions to the nearest subway station. I drew a map for my guy, to help get her there. I said that he would be dropping her at a "kiss-n-ride" dropoff, and teased him as to whether any kissing would occur, using my leg to stroke my guy's back. He was laughing. It was a playful moment for both of us.

I am looking forward to getting better. My bottom needs a good spanking.

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