Friday, July 31, 2015

My guy appears to be Chinese in a previous life or just is at heart

It has been a while since I have posted anything. No need to worry. All is well on my end.

The Internet connection at my guy's hotel continues to be bad. However, it is decent enough to chat for a little bit with him on Skype until it gets bad. We then resort to texting.

We have been having some fun discussions this past week. Here's an excerpt from last night between my guy (MG) and me:

Me: I was thinking the other day that you were probably Chinese in a previous lifetime. You like to save many dollar!
MG: :D
Me: You do cost comparisons so often. You're probably more Chinese than I am!
MG: Well, if I'm going to be a Cheap Bastard, I better be good at it
Me: You are. It's a charming quality that you have.
MG: :)
Me: And, you like good Chinese food. So, there's my analysis. :)
MG: I actually do
MG: Maybe I'm Chinese at heart
Me: I think so. You even picked up using chopsticks quickly.
Me: I can teach you Chinese curse words, so you fit in nicely. :)
MG: lol
MG: where would i use them?
Me: Oh, and the art of spitting mucus on the sidewalk... lol
MG: no, i can do without that skill lol
Me: When bargaining at the market. See, you like those, too. You must be Chinese at heart!
Me: haha
Me: There are a lot of skilled old guys in Chinatown then... lol
MG: lol
Me: Oh, and you love dollar stores. Practically everything in there is made in Chinese.
Me: And, that's my thesis for tonight. I will go for my PhD soon... haha
MG: lol you sure can defend it very well
MG: And you forgot the most important piece of evidence
Me: Yep. I'd be kicked out of graduate school in a heartbeat. ;)
Me: What's that?
MG: I always was attracted to Asian girls.
Me: Really?
MG: Yes
MG: I thought they were the cutest women on the planet. That's one reason why I love you.

He's sweet. I'm glad that he's my guy.


  1. What an adorable exchange...thanks so much for sharing CB. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. He has been exceptionally sweet these days. I have no complaints!