Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March questions continue

The other day, I received a batch of fun questions from Han. Here are my answers:
Do you read a newspaper daily? 
Sadly, I don't read the paper version of a newspaper daily. Instead, I tend to read the online version as often as I can, which is pretty close to being daily. Otherwise, I get my news either on the radio or at night when I have a chance to watch the evening news on TV. 
Do you watch television a lot and what are your favourite programs? 
Great segue! I don't watch as much television as I should. I find that I watch more TV when I am on vacation, mainly because I am often in another country and like watching local programs. 
I probably watch television an average of fourteen hours a week. I tend to watch the news. I also like Live! with Kelly and Michael and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I do enjoy watching hockey games and special sporting events, but I haven't been doing that much these days. 
Are you interested in politics? 
This question is a good one. My ex-hubby taught politics. I follow politics, but I am nowhere near being a passionate political junkie like he was. Coincidentally, my guy is interested in politics, but he doesn't ram it down my throat. He can spend a decent amount of time debating his views with others on Facebook and other sites. He has cut down on that these days. 
As for me, I am a mathematical girl. So, when there is an election, I am far more interested in the poll results, statistical trends, and other tidbits that are math-related. 
I don't have a specific party that I will lean towards supporting. Rather, I will look at what each candidate's platform is and decide which one I support. 
If possible, do you vote for a male or a female, or is the gender irrelevant? 
Gender is irrelevant to me when I vote for a candidate. It's more about what the candidate stands for and whether that person is fit to govern. 
I am fortunate to live in Canada and be Canadian. We have had both male and female prime ministers. When I lived in Winnipeg, I had a gay mayor. Living in Ontario these days, I have a lesbian premier. As long as they do a decent job in standing up for what Canadians want and representing them, all is well. 
Do you miss giving spankings as much as you like receiving them? 
I do miss giving spankings. I still like giving my guy lovetaps here and there, but it's not the same. However, I don't miss them so much that I insist on spanking my guy hard. 
I must admit that I love being spanked these days. My guy does it well and he has embraced spanking me. At first, I thought that he would think that I was weird for liking to be spanked. He likes that I get so turned on that he doesn't find it strange at all. I love that and him, of course. 
Did you do other D/s activities we she should know about besides spankings? 
Such a great question! My guy and I have explored light bondage. I like being lightly tied up. I enjoy having my hands secured while he spanks me now and again. If we don't have a silky scarf or some velvety rope, I get aroused when he holds my hand behind my back.
One time when we were on vacation, he gave me an eye mask. I tried it on. He tickled me and kissed me while I had the mask on. It was fun and enjoyable. I wouldn't mind giving the eye mask another try soon.
Thanks for the questions, Han!

If you have any questions that you'd like me to answer, feel free to leave them in the Comments section. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for all the great answers love learning more about my friends. I also don't care of male/female/gay/straight/bi/whatever is elected...just as long as they do a good job. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

  2. Meh...politics ;)

    OK, I don't know you very well, so this question may have been answered, but when DID you used to give spankings? I sometimes wonder if I would enjoy it--I certainly love getting them, and I absolutely love tapping and squeezing my husband's butt, but I'm not sure I would enjoy giving a full out spanking. Tell me your experiences!

  3. Thank you so much for answering my questions, girl with the naughty name. I have been reading quite some answers now, and learned some new things about you. I like that very much. You are a wonderful woman.

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Han! It has been a lot of fun answering everyone's questions. I enjoyed answering yours and I'm glad that you have learned some more about me. I learn more about myself when I attempt to answer these questions, too. So, it's all good. =)