Sunday, March 01, 2015

Blog post on Chross's Web site and spanking scenes

My recent post, Quality time and a spanking after work, made it on Chross's Spankings of the Week. I am thrilled!

My guy is currently in Tunisia on business. He comes back on Tuesday night. I can't wait to see him!

Naturally, when he is away, we try and talk as much as we can on Skype. He tends to let me know when he has arrived and we chat for a bit. He has a tougher time dealing with jetlag as I do. I am not sure why that is. He travels so often that I would think that it would be easier for him than for me to adjust to the local time.

Yesterday, we had a good chat.
"What are your plans for this weekend?" he asked me.
"I may go and see a movie," I said. "I would like to see Kingsman: The Secret Service. I have also heard that Fifty Shades of Grey has a few spanking scenes. I hope that I don't masturbate in the theatre."
My guy picturing my masturbating got him all excited. Of course, I would much rather have him pleasure me. I also don't want to get arrested in the movie theatre!


  1. Your conversations are so cute CB. The reason your guy does not do as well with jet lag may be due to his metabolism. You'll have to give us a review of whichever movie you saw. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I'll have to pass on the metabolism cause that you have pointed out, Cat. He his back in town for a few days before he travels again, so his biological clock will be messed up for a bit.

      I'll keep you posted on when I hit a movie theatre!