Thursday, March 05, 2015

Timing, flights, that time of the month, and a spanking to come

They say that timing is everything. This week seems to reinforce this old adage.

My guy and I had planned to have dinner on Tuesday night. I was at the office and his flight would have touched down at 17:00.

Naturally, the greater Toronto area had snow, freezing rain, and ice pellets scheduled during the rush hour that day. My fine menstrual cycle application on my phone said that my period would be expected to occur the same day.

Well, I received a text message from my guy while I was away from all my electronic devices at 13:00, indicating that he was stuck in Frankfurt. Instead, he would be arriving on Wednesday afternoon.

An hour later, I saw his message and caught him online. We texted for a bit.

It turns out that my guy had missed his connecting flight by five minutes. Instead, he had to check in to a hotel for the evening, without his luggage. The next available flight was the following afternoon. I was glad that he didn't have to spend his time at the airport.

I don't go into the office on Wednesdays anymore. I asked whether we should reschedule dinner for that evening. He told me that he'd be in the office on Thursday and Friday. That news was positive.

My period started on Wednesday. So, quality time for me will be limited for a bit. Ah, timing!

On Tuesday afternoon, I did manage to speak to my guy on Skype. He was horny and sweet.

My guy likes tires. He wondered why I didn't have winter tires on my vehicle and insisted that he get me a set. Love does funny things to people, but it was a pretty thoughtful gesture on his part.

My guy also told me that he wanted to spank me for not uploading a bunch of intimate photos to our private, shared folder. We had taken these photos a few months ago. I like that he will come up with any reason to spank me. The best one is simply that I am a bad girl.

We managed to get him off. It always makes me feel good when he does. He was happy. He needed it. He did have a not-so-great travel day, after all.

I wished him a good evening and a safe trip home. On a good note, he flew in on a calm, snow-free evening. I also get to see him at work for two days this week, which I didn't expect.

Things eventually do work out. It's all about the timing.


  1. Hey CB...sorry your plans with your guy got derailed but happy he at least was able to spend the night in a hotel room rather than the airport. What a lovely gesture to get your winter should receive a spanking for not having them on your car to begin with! Sending lots of positive thoughts that you two get lots of alone time in the next few days. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. My guy came back in one piece, so all is good. I will have a sore bottom for quite some time. I have been guilty of a number of infractions as of late. =)