Monday, March 16, 2015

Friday spanking and sucking session

My guy and I drove over to our usual spot and parked our cars next to each other. We climbed into the backseat of my car.

Making out with my guy is a treat. I love how full his lips are pressed against mine. I enjoy using my tongue to outline his lips.
"You have been such a bad girl," he reminded me.
"No, only you say that," I replied.
"That's because no one knows how naughty you really are," my guy explained. "You seem like a good girl to everyone else, but I know that it isn't true. So, you need to be punished."
"That's not nice," I said, playing along.
"I want you to face that way, with you butt facing me," he told me, pointing to his left.
It was different because I normally go over his knee. Instead, I was crouched on my knees, with my head touching the corner part of the backseat.

My guy got out my thick wooden ruler. He held is word in giving me a hard spanking. I loved every moment of it as he spanked me across my jeans. The last few smacks were so hard that I could feel my entire body tingle after they landed. It was wonderful.

He teased me by placing the wooden ruler between my legs and then rubbing it against my crotch. So pleasurable!

He held me after my spanking, which I always enjoy. He likes kissing me afterwards. It was then time to pleasure my guy.

I had a breath mint in my mouth, which was rather slow to dissolve. I ended up sucking my guy's erect member with minty fresh breath. It was nice. The saliva production was perfect. My guy was so horny that he came in practically no time.

Of course, we were both dopey from the experience, so more cuddle time ensued. My guy would be travelling to Turkey the following day, so it was a nice parting gift for him and a perfect reminder of how much he loves spanking his naughty girl.


  1. Happy your guy was able to give you the spanking you wanted love for wooden rulers around here! LOL Sorry your guy had to leave again...hope he's home soon.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. Treehouse time was wonderful, especially getting such a hard spanking with a wooden ruler! My guy is back for a bit, so all is good. =)