Sunday, March 22, 2015

March questions: Travel, favourite time of the year, books vs. e-readers, and kinks

Questions in March continue. They are a ton of fun to answer! This batch of questions comes from Ronnie:
Do you prefer to drive or fly when travelling? 
I like both methods! I love to do road trips. The longest road trip that I have taken was driving from Toronto eastbound, through almost all the Atlantic provinces, except for Newfoundland and Labrador. I then took a ferry from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Portland, Maine. I then drove through the United States, making my way back home. It was fabulous! 
I am a frequent flyer. I have no problems being on a plane, except for folks next to me who either hog the armrest or who elbow me. The latter annoys me more because I am ticklish. These days, I tend to visit European countries. I have only been to four countries so far and have plenty left to explore. This year, I hope to visit Shanghai.  
What's your favourite time of year? 
What a great question! I like early summer, because the snow is finally behind me! I love late summer and early fall. I like how warm it gets before change comes. There's a crispness in the air that I find comforting. It's just nice. 
Do you prefer to read actual books or use an e-reader? 
I sort of hinted about my preference when I had answered Han's question the other day. I prefer a physical newspaper or book. I suppose that I am old-fashioned that way because I like the feel of the pages between my fingers.  
I don't mind reading a book with an e-reader. It's convenient when you're on a plane or public transportation. I would sooner support my local library or bookstore by getting books, though. 
Do you have other kinks other than spanking? 
This question is similar to the one that Han had posed. Great minds think alike! I like light bondage. My guy and I are still exploring it. So far, it has been pleasurable and fun for both of us.
If you'd like to ask me a question or more, please feel free to leave them in the Comments section. Thanks!


  1. Am really enjoying your answers CB. I used to enjoy flying more than I do now...the security, totally packed planes and rude passengers are a royal D pain in the tush. I do enjoy getting behind the wheel and just driving. One of these days, I want to just take a month or two and just drive...stop and see friends around the country but no set itinerary. Definitely want to travel to other countries also. Oh and take cruises. :D

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. My longer road trips tend to be at least a couple of weeks long. Two of my longer road trips happened when I was in-between jobs.

      I did a road trip several years ago around the Great Lakes. I had lost my job and was doing interviews when I decided it would be the best time to do a road trip. It worked out well. I got an interview during this trip and got hired when I returned home.

      Cruises are a lot of fun. I have been on four. It's nice to unpack once and have everything there.

  2. Cutiebootie,

    Enjoyed reading your answers, thanks for answering.

    I love to fly and same as you, don't like the people who sit next to me, elbows and hog the armrest. So annoying. Shanghai is a place I'd like to visit.


    1. Thanks for your wonderful questions, Ronnie! I had a good time responding to them.

      I should start doing some research on Shanghai. I hope to go there within the next six months.