Saturday, March 28, 2015

So aroused about being spanked hard that my wish came true

On Tuesday, my guy and I went out for lunch. I love when he is at the office. Having lunch with him breaks up our day nicely.

We had a conversation about my guy's next business trip, which is to Montreal. His week there coincides with my extended Easter weekend. I asked if I could join him. He didn't hesitate and wanted me with him.

My guy is flying there two Sundays from now. I will be doing a road trip to Montreal on Good Friday. I will be staying in a hotel for a couple of days before shacking up with him.

At the restaurant, I told my guy about my plans to eat my way through the city. I'd be so big that I would have a difficult time driving back. My guy insisted that my drive home would be uncomfortable after he is done punishing my backside for being such a bad girl. I was instantly turned on.

He proceeded to tell me that I will be punished soon, but he wouldn't say when. Again, I ended up being aroused for most of the afternoon.

After work, I went to see him in the project room. He was talking to a rather long-winded woman through our instant messaging application that we have at work. We held hands and I ran my fingers through his soft hair as he talked.

Once he was done with his call, he told me that I needed a sore red bottom. I was horny. He asked if I was wet. I was. He insisted that we have treehouse time. I was game.

We drove to our usual spot and parked. We then got into the backseat of my car.
"I have two options for you," he said.
"Oh, no. I don't know if I like what I am about to hear," I replied.
"Hear me out. We can either stay at a decent hotel in Montreal, smack in the middle of downtown, or we can stay at another hotel that doesn't have a decent gym."
"So, you're saying that we can either stay at a fancy hotel where we can use your elite status to get free booze and food, or we can stay at a fancy hotel wannabe?" I summarized.
"Yes," he said, smiling at me.
"Well, it sounds like we have to do the former. We can't have you being upset, cranky, and whiny," I stated.
"Are you calling me cranky?" he asked.
"If the shoe fits... ," I replied.
"You're not helping your situation. Where is that thick wooden ruler?"
I reached over to the front storage area of my car and got the wooden ruler. I pretended to not want to give it to him. We playfully struggled and he managed to get a hold of it. He slapped my thigh with the ruler and told me that I was bad.
"I want you to bend over, with your butt facing me and your head facing the window," he said.
"You're so demanding. I don't want to!" I protested.
He smacked my right buttock with the ruler and told me to bend over. I assumed the position.

He spanked me hard. He punctuated every smack by either telling me that I am such a bad girl that I need constant discipline. I loved it.

At one point, he slid the ruler between my legs, rubbing it against my crotch. It was nice. He then stopped that and slapped my bottom some more.

The slaps got harder each time. I could feel my buttocks warming up. He finally stopped and pleasured me until I came, which took no time.

I snuggled up next to him afterward and thanked him. He liked that.

Of course, he was getting hard. I rubbed my hand against his hard member in his pants. It kept getting harder as I continued to caress his penis.

My guy had no choice but to let me play with his hard cock. He loved how my red nail polish looked when I held his erect penis. I gave him a handjob with my right hand. My left hand was cupping his balls. We managed to kiss through it all.

He was so excited. He came all over my hands. It was wonderful.

We cleaned up and then hugged some more. Once our dopiness had faded, we drove home.

By the time I got home, I could feel how sore my bottom was. My guy did a good job. I was impressed, rubbing my bottom occasionally to relieve some of the soreness as I walked up the stairs to my front door.

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