Thursday, June 28, 2012

From allegedly ruining the coffee-brewing process, to being groped and pinched

I had a bizarre set of events occur at work today. I will get to that in a bit. Today was a bit rare in that I went out with my guy and another colleague for lunch. My guy and I rarely have lunch together these days, as he is often on the road and I tend to have lunch at home.

I drove us to a Mexican place. We sat there and had a great conversation. I offered to drive us to and from the establishment.

When we had finished eating, my guy was nice to take my empty tray and return it to the garbage area. I told him that I truly appreciated his kindness. He is a gentleman.

At the office, I decided to get some hot water for my tea. We have a hot water spout that is connected to our coffee maker in our communal kitchen. I am purely a tea drinker. I did my usual and got hot water using the spout.

A colleague noticed what I was doing and said that I was "ruining" his pot of coffee. I had no idea that one couldn't use the hot water spout while a fresh pot of coffee was being brewed, although both the coffee and my hot water seem to be working fine. I also don't drink coffee, so I didn't know that there were two minutes left in the brewing life cycle.

I apologized. It was a lose-lose situation. My colleague snapped by that I wasn't "sorry enough," as I continued to fill my mug up with hot water. He literally expected me to wait until his coffee had finished brewing, even though I had already ruined it. He didn't have to make a huge issue out of it, especially when he said that, "Next time, I will stand there."

So, I went back to my desk and shared this experience with my colleagues. I don't understand how irritable folks can get over coffee, especially at work.

My guy likes playing the role of saving a damsel in distress. I do like seeing this side of him.

I went back into the kitchen at around 17:30 and we chatted.
"Let's see if any coffee is brewing," he teased.
"I'm not here to get any more hot water," I confessed. "I'm just here to wash my mug, but I need to find some paper towel."
I eventually found a cupboard with paper towel. My guy came swooping in.
"Let me," he said, grabbing a roll out of the plastic wrapping and putting it on the holder.
"Thanks," I said.
"See, I do nice things for you," he teased.
"I never said that you don't!"
I started washing my mug. He came over to me and pinched my left buttock. It completely drove me wild.
"Tonight or Friday?" I asked him, referring to some quality time in the treehouse.
"Friday," he said. He had to drive a client to the airport today.
"I wish it were Friday today," I admitted boldly. He groped my right buttock, which I loved.
"Let me know when you're leaving work today," he whispered in my ear. "We can find an empty elevator."
"I'd like when we're in the elevator together," I confessed. 
"Me, too," he nodded in agreement.
Roughly half an hour later, I said goodbye to my colleagues. My guy followed me to the elevators. There was another colleague waiting. I decided to let him in and waited for my guy. He went into the washroom.

Another elevator was available. I got in. My guy got in, too. I smiled and pressed the ground floor button. The doors closed.

I draped my arms around his shoulders. Our lips met. We kissed. We French kissed. He pressed his body against mind. I could feel how hard he was. His hands meandered to my buttocks. He groped them simultaneously as we continued to kiss. Our elevator ride was nearly over. We managed to unpucker.
"I am incredibly turned on," I said, with a huge smile on my face.
"Me, too." he said quietly. "Goodnight!"
"Goodnight," I said, walking out of the elevator, horny, but content.


  1. The elevator sounds nice... H and I worked together for a time, and we had quite a few hot elevator rides.

  2. That's great to hear! Having a relationship with a co-worker is still new to me, but it has been wonderful so far and I love our elevator rides. We both enjoy them. We sometimes find it unfortunate that we don't get stuck in one. ;)

  3. Love in the elevator... I have yet to actually have sex in an elevator, but if I did, there's this glass-walled one downtown that no one's ever in on the weekends...

  4. I haven't had sex in an elevator, either. I would love to someday. The glass-walled one that you have described sounds intriguing. =)