Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ear infection and wanting to be spanked in an elevator

For the past few days, I have been battling an ear infection. My hearing is muffled, but it only affects my left ear. I spent most of the morning at the doctor's office. I am on antibiotics for the next week. Here's hoping that my ear drains soon.

Yesterday, I went to work. I got to see my guy. We talked for quite a bit.

My guy and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to seeing the glass being half empty (him) or half full (me), as the saying goes. We both agreed that it's almost better to have lower expectations about something, so you don't get as disappointed. That happened to me a few months ago. He had never seen me so down in spirits.

I told him that he did the sweetest thing that day by taking the elevator down to the basement. We got off the elevator and he hugged me. He told me that everything would be okay. I felt safe and reassured. I melted in his arms. I felt comforted.

Yesterday, I thanked him. I was a bit late, but I felt obligated. I told him that I have fond memories of being with him in various elevators. He smiled and nodded in agreement.

I find being in an elevator to be a turn-on for me. My guy and I often hug and kiss in one when we are together -- just the two of us in the elevator. We have thought about trying to stop the elevator so we can just make out, but the elevators at our workplace don't have that capability unless we are truly trapped.

My guy gropes me from time to time when we're taking the elevator. I find it highly stimulating.
Courtesy: Top Yaps
I often fantasize about being bent over in an elevator, having my skirt lifted up, my panties taken down, and being spanked. I love the idea of being trapped in an elevator and having no place to escape from a hard, well-deserved spanking.

One of these days, we'll need to find an elevator that we can temporarily stall. In the meantime, I do enjoy making out in one. We did that yesterday. We hugged and kissed. Too bad we don't work on the 65th floor.

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