Saturday, June 23, 2012

What a low-cut, fitted top and a black bra can do for a girl

My guy has been back from his business trip to Bangkok for a couple of days now. It was nice to see him again in the office.

I had asked how he was while he had a huge mouthful of food. It was fun teasing him. It's the only time in which he keeps quiet. Of course, he tried teasing me back.

I had a phone interview with a potential candidate to join our team at work. Unfortunately, this person cannot send me any samples of his work due to a nondisclosure agreement that he had signed. My guy said that I enjoy shooting people down because I am a self-professed picky person, which made me shake my head.

At work, it is more difficult for my guy to come over to my desk, to massage my neck or briefly grope my breast. He tried on two separate occasions, only two have colleagues stop by and chat with us.

I could tell throughout the afternoon that my guy was looking at me with his I-want-you stare. When we were both standing up in our cubicles, his eyes occasionally looked down at my lower-cut t-shirt that I had on.

He had made a joke about having a "quickie" when talking about his brief two-day trip to Bangkok. Another colleague had picked up what he had hinted at, but my guy played the innocent boy part, which we all knew was unconvincing.

At 18:00, I decided to pack up. I engaged my guy in a bit of a conversation. He got his coffee mug and we both headed into the kitchen. As soon as the door had closed, we both faced each other.
"You look good," he complimented. "Do you wanna meet at our usual place?"
"Sure," I said. "For a quickie."
He smiled and then swatted my left buttock. I was turned on.

We met at our usual spot. I had arrived there a bit sooner than he did. I got into the backseat of his car and called it the treehouse. I felt like I was climbing into one. It was our own little world. He liked that nickname.
"I love what you are wearing," he confided. "I love your fitted top. I can see your black bra through the gap between the buttons."
His fingers immediately went to unbutton my top. He told me that he absolutely loved the sight of my wearing a black bra.

We kissed. We kissed a lot. It's our usual routine, which we both enjoy. He has a way of using his full lips to grip my bottom lip. He is a wonderful kisser.

He tenderly groped my right breast, eventually taking it out of my bra to play with my nipple. It didn't take much for the nipple to become erect. He did something different. He pinched my nipple hard. I didn't know what to make of it at first, but it did turn me on. You could tell that I was aroused by how passionately I was kissing him.

My guy proceeded to unbutton and unzip my jeans. I pulled down both my panties and jeans. He played with my pussy. I was on my back. He was kind to ask if I was comfortable. I was. I asked if he was okay and he was.

He played with my pussy. He told me that he had missed it. I had to remind him of the new nickname that he had given my pussy last week. Soon, he was also fingering my butt and calling me his whore. I loved it. I eventually came and ended up limp in his arms.

He held me in a lovingly way afterward. He told me to relax and enjoy the moment. We talked about the nipple-pinching. It took a bit of time for me to process what had happened. I didn't mind the pinching. He thought that since I liked my bottom smacked and pinched that it would make sense that I may like my nipple pinched.

He playfully tickled me. I tenderly played with his chest, which I find highly sexy. Sometimes, I think that he is surprised that I get aroused touching his chest and playing with his chest hair. He appreciates that I do, though. He playfully spanked my right buttock.

After I had recovered from being pleasured, he looked again at my black bra contrasting my skin and immediately lowered his pants and underwear. His cock was hard. Without hesitation, I began giving him a handjob.
"I love looking at your perfectly manicured fingers wrapped around my cock," he said.
"I am glad that you let me do this to you," I said, which got him immediately excited.
"I didn't get a massage in Bangkok because no one can make me feel so good like you do," he admitted, which made me smile.
He told me to suck on his erect penis. I sucked on its head as if it were a popsicle. I then went to lick the length of his hard cock before working it in my mouth.

I am still a novice at blowjobs, but I find that I gag now and again. He was so aroused that he tried to shove as much of his cock down my throat. He liked the look of it in my mouth, often sweeping my hair away from my face so he could get a better view.

He then ordered me to pull his cock out of my mouth and to kiss him. I obeyed. We kissed as I went back to giving him a handjob.

His kiss was not only passionate, but strong. There was an intensity to it that I had never felt before until today. He was so aroused. It showed when he finally ejaculated. He had quite the release. I was flattered. He felt good. I could sure tell.
"You are so special," he told me. "I love being with you in our treehouse."
"You're not so bad yourself," I said, hugging him tightly.
We spent a bit of time looking at his travel pictures on his cell phone. We share an interest in photos. It's incredible what you learn about your partner after sex.

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