Sunday, June 03, 2012

Birthday spanking - counting feature is new for me

My birthday is a month away. I tend to look forward to my birthday because I enjoy receiving a sound birthday spanking.

I like thinking about how I will be spanked. I love being spanked over my pajama bottoms at roughly the stroke (pun intended!) of midnight, which then come off. I then get spanked over my panties. They ultimately come off and all the spanker can do is watch my bare backside turn various shades of pink.

I have planted a few ideas into my guy's head on what I would like to happen to me. It isn't like he doesn't know. One element that is new, however, is counting each smack delivered out loud.

We both are quiet counters. I do think that my counting each smack that lands across my backside will excite me even more. My guy will like it because it's an added embarrassment for me, which he tends to enjoy when we are role-playing.

The question is whether I should count before or after each smack. I would like to count after each smack is delivered. I will be struggling to register each smack before I can utter the number out loud. I will be in some pain that I may get it wrong. If my guy has to start from the beginning because I have made an error, I would be okay with it.

Without even asking him, my guy told me that he wants to pinch my bottom hard. I will get a pinch for ever year that I have been on this planet.

I can guarantee that I will be a happy birthday girl with a glowing, sore bottom that day. My birthday seems so far away.

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