Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Banter, compliments, birthday planning, and the treehouse

My guy and I had a new set of conversations today, all filled with sexual innuendos. Although he has never told me that he appreciates that I can keep up with him on this front and can dish out some of my own, I could tell that he was enjoying the banter today.

A colleague has asked me what a three-legged race was. It was a part of the activities list for the upcoming company picnic. I explained that you have a partner, you each put a leg next to each other and you tie them up. So, you have three legs between the two people. The objective is to walk as quickly as possible together from the starting line to the finish line.

My guy couldn't help but chime in.
"Being tied up like that isn't bad," he said sheepishly.
"That's too much information," I said, playing the I'm-shocked-but-not-really card.
"What?" he looked up at me as I was standing in my cubicle, looking at him.
"You just want to either be close to your loved one or you're weighing her down like an anchor," I joked.
I recall making a joke about his personal three-legged race, which got my guy to laugh hysterically. Later in the day, he made the same reference, which meant that he had liked my original joke.

He does say sweet things to me. He often refers to me as his angel. Today, he told me that I looked good.
"I am here all week," he confided. He tends to work from home twice a week, similar to my setup. "Will I see you on Wednesday?"
"Yes," I said. "Friday, too."
"I hope that I can squeeze in some time to meet in the treehouse," he stated, which indicated to me that he had missed me over the weekend.
"I would like that," I replied.
Our boss came over to tell my guy that he had got our boss in trouble. My guy hadn't filled out his timesheet for months until now. Our boss got in trouble by the timesheet manager for not following up. Anyway, when our boss had walked away, my guy and I continued to talk.
"See, I seem to get other people in trouble," my guy admitted.
"I know. What are we going to do with you?" I asked him rhetorically.
"The key question is what are you going to do to me?" he said with a huge grin on his face.
"Just wait and see," I hinted.
Speaking of hinting, my guy teased me some more.
"You're off on vacation next week on your birthday," he said, in a thoughtful state of mind.
"Am I going to get spanked?" I asked him, like an excited little girl.
"Of course," he replied calmly.
"Maybe the festivities can start a little early," I hinted.
"They can," he pondered.
He still hasn't told me what my birthday spanking will consist of. However, it makes me happy anticipating getting a sound spanking from him.

We left work together. We talked about our rollerbag computer bags. I just replaced my twelve-year-old one with a purple one. He liked mine. He needs a new one.

We got into an empty elevator. I pressed the ground floor button. The doors closed. He came up to me and held my arm. Our lips locked. We kissed as the elevator continued its descent. I caressed his head as we passionately kissed. It was wonderful. We finally unpuckered. He took a small staggered step back. It was quite the kiss.

We ended on this parting note.
"I can't wait to get you back into the treehouse," he said.
"I can't wait to revisit it."
I am due for a spanking. I have a feeling that he is planning a pre-birthday spanking. I welcome it.


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