Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pre-birthday festivities begin with pinches

Today was my last day at work before I go on holidays. My boss wasn't in the office. My guy and I were almost the last ones left on a Friday before the long Canada Day weekend.

Earlier, my guy came over to my desk to talk about a virtual application. He massaged the back of my neck, which I always thoroughly enjoy. He then moved his hand under my purple scoop-neck shirt and played with my left breast.

Getting back to the end-of day conversation, my guy kicked it off.
"I love the shorts that you are wearing," he said.
"They aren't really shorts, just a shorter version of capri pants," I replied.
"They show off you're legs nicely," he complimented.
At one point, I decided to pack up my laptop.
"You aren't going to leave me?" he asked, in almost a helpless, romantic manner.
"I am calling it a day. I don't want to work any longer."
"What do you want to do?" he asked.
"I want to do nonwork-related stuff."
"Such as spend time in the treehouse?"
He wrapped up his work just past 18:00. We left out cubicles. I said goodbye to my desk, as if I were a little girl.
"Your chair will miss your cute butt sitting on it," he said. I knew that he was going to target my backside today.
We headed over to our usual spot and sat in the backseat of his car, which I have dubbed the treehouse. He likes that code name that he uses it, too.

My guy played with my buttocks, touching and patting them. We then kissed.

He didn't unzip my capri pants. Instead, he played with my crotch. His hand moved down to my buttocks. He pinched each buttock, alternating. The pinches grew in intensity. I was so turned on. As the pain increased, I held him more tightly. I could tell that he loved that I was clinging to him tightly.

He then made me come. It was incredibly intense, even with my clothes on. I then relaxed in his arms and thanked him.

We kissed again, but I went to check on his member. His cock was hard. He had to take it out. I started giving him a handjob.

He wanted me to put my left leg over his right one. He touched my leg, feeling it up and down as I continued to jerk him off.
"I want to come on your leg," he said.
"Whatever you want to do. I am your slut and cater to your every need."
He was exceptionally horny. At one point, he patted my left cheek and slapped my face. It wasn't a hard slap, but it was the first time he has ever done that to me. I smiled. He did the same to my right cheek. Part of me wanted to kiss him. I was so aroused that I jerked him off with even greater intensity.

He gingerly took my left leg off his. I ended up bending forward. He put his hand down the back of my pants and panties, and fingered my ass. I moaned.
"You like it when I finger your butt, don't you?"
"Yes, like the whore that I am," I replied.
He ejaculated. It was quite the release. After we had cleaned up, we hugged for a bit.

He wanted to give me a pre-birthday present. He gave me a gift card to my favourite bookstore.
"You didn't have to," I said. "The gift that you got me in Bangkok was perfect."
"Nah, that was for something different," he said.
Before leaving our treehouse, we kissed a couple of times and were in quite a long embrace. I could tell that he didn't want to leave. Neither did I.
"My butt is going to be sore sitting on a plane for four hours tomorrow," I said.
"Good. I wanted you to have a reminder of today."
We both smiled.

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