Saturday, June 09, 2012

Jerking and sucking - a nice way to kick off the weekend!

Friday. The day couldn't have arrived any sooner.

I spent some decent time at work this afternoon talking to my guy. He looked at me longingly at one point and told me that I have a nice smile. It isn't the first time that he has mentioned it. Today, it was wonderful to hear.

Towards the end of the day, he told me that he was going to do some work. Yes, he was attempting to do work at 17:30 on a Friday evening. I told him that he was crazy.
"Yes, I am going to do some work. I have 1.5 hours left."
"I was going to suggest something else, but you're in work mode," I said.
"You're making me feel guilty," he admitted. "Should I feel this way?"
"I don't know," I said, testing the waters.
"How about we compromise and I work till 18:00," he said.
"Okay," I replied.
Sure enough, we left work at 18:00, as promised. He asked me about why I didn't like hearing my recorded voice. We got into an empty elevator. I started to explain why I can't bear to hear my recorded voice. He came up to me. I couldn't help but to wrap one hand around him, cradling the back of his neck with my right hand, and touching his sexy chest with my left. He hugged me with one hand and grabbed my right buttock with his other hand. We locked in a passionate kiss.
"We'll talk later," he said after our kiss, which made me smile.
The floor was wet on the main floor. My stride is a lot better these days. I felt more confident walking across it. My pinched nerve is slowly regenerating, but I am making huge progress.

We drove to our usual hangout. We parked. We got into the backseat of his roomy car.

We held hands. He told me that I was cute and funny. He loved my smile. He thought that my chin was adorable. He loved how my new haircut framed my face nicely. He loved my body. I was getting a bit embarrassed and rested my head on his stomach briefly, before I went ahead and kissed him.

We kissed a lot. His hand moved down to my breasts. He cupped them. He played with my nipples. We continued to French kiss. I love kissing him. The feeling is mutual, thankfully!

That time of the month for me was nearing an end, but I was still off limits. I apologized to him. He was okay, especially when I said that I could focus on him more.

He pulled down his corduroy pants and grey underwear. He pulled out his erect cock. I held it and started working methodically to jerk him off.

We like role-playing where I am a slave to his sexual needs and he tells me how I need to please him. We experimented today.
"I want you to suck me... now," he said, while I was jerking him off.
"Yes, sir," I said obediently, inserting the tip of his cock in my mouth, ramming my tongue down the hole, and continuing to wrap my mouth down his erect member's shaft.
He told me to stop and to jerk him off. So, I did like a good girl.
"You like sucking cock, don't you?"
"Yes, like the slut that I am," I stated. "I am here to please you. I only like sucking your cock."
He asked me to suck his cock some more. This time, he told me to lick and suck it. I obeyed. I was then instructed to jerk him off.

He ordered me to suck him again. I didn't hesitate. I went back to work. This time, he took me by the back of my neck and pushed me to suck his cock more. I didn't gag, but I found it to be arousing. It wasn't a forceful push, but it was enough to get more of his member in my mouth. At one point, he held my hair just to see how his cock looked in my mouth. He found it to be incredibly sexy.

My guy told me to jerk him off. I made a sound after taking his cock out of his mouth, as if I had been sucking a popsicle. I couldn't resist kissing him. Our kiss was strong and passionate. We were both turned on, especially when I was jerking him off as we were kissing. His hand moved down my right side to my hip. He then put his hand under my panties and groped my right buttock as we continued to kiss and jerk him off. He eventually came. It was wonderful.

As always, we tend to talk. I have labelled our chat after sex as "dopey talk." We both like talking, but he is so relaxed and drained afterward that he says the funniest stuff.
"Sometimes, people do good things," he started to explain to me. "Sometimes, they do bad things."
"Ooh, that's deep," I teased, which made up both burst out laughing.
It's no surprise that I like shopping at Gap, especially after I had lost sixty pounds. He teases me about it.
"Gap is crap," he said. I immediately made a pouty face, which made him smile and melt.
"Oh, no," he said. "The Gap looks great one you. It doesn't on me," he explained as he tried to hug me.
One of the best parts of our time after sex was seeing a large spider crawl across my knees.
"Ah, a spider!" I exclaimed, although I was rather calm. My guy killed it.
"I am surprised that you didn't scream," he said. "Most women would be freaked out."
"I'm not a screamer," I said, smirking. "Thanks for coming to my rescue."
The other best part after sex? We both said that we like talking and confiding in each other. We hugged for a long time. He is the perfect gentleman. He's mine, too. I am so lucky.

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