Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Apologizing, fondling, and getting spanked in the car's backseat

It started off as an okay day. It got a lot better.

My guy had written an e-mail to me yesterday. I didn't respond to it, which was highly uncharacteristic of me.

Today, he went into work. I could tell that he was missing me. He immediately logged on to Skype. He asked how I was. I said that I was okay. He knew that I wasn't my cheerful self. He figured out why. I was still thinking about his insensitive remark about not noticing any progress with me after my surgery.

He apologized. He also felt that he was digging himself deeper into a hole. He called me and we talked.

Although I know that he didn't mean to hurt me, I just cannot shake such a comment off. My memory is pretty good. To heal, I need time to elapse.

He wanted to know if I was coming into the office today, as he wanted to see me. I said that I would. I wanted to see him. I also wanted to take a break from working from home.

I told him that I found it sweet of him to call me. He had felt guilty about what he had done. I told him that he shouldn't feel that way. I know that he was just being concerned about me.

I got a card from Starbucks for a free beverage. I got a venti peppermint mocha on my way to work in the afternoon.

My guy was sweet. He tried to patch things up by pointing out that I was indeed walking faster. He offered me a Quality Street chocolate. It was the caramel one that was shaped like the tip of a penis.

We did talk about work. He told me that he had created a couple of documentation trouble tickets, which I typically handle. I told him that I hated him, which made him smile. He came over and we talked about them. Luckily, these tickets pertained to documentation that the software developers generate, so I was off the hook. I said that I liked him again. He liked that and knew that I was teasing him.

While we were talking about these tickets, he playfully tugged at my hair, and rubbed my shoulders, arms, and back. I rested my head against his tummy. It was nice being with him again.

At around 17:30, we were alone in our cubicle area. He looked at me and said that I looked like I had lost some more weight. I don't think that I have, but it was nice to hear it from him. We talked a bit about work, but we were both horny. He sat next to me and rubbed my right arm. I had my hand on his thigh and was rubbing it. He liked it. He told me that he was incredibly turned on.

I like holding his hand, as he does mine. I could tell that he had caught quite a bit of sun while he was in Rome.

We both drove our respective cars over to our local parking lot. I got there first and waited for him to pull next to my car. We both got into his car's backseat.

We kissed a lot. It was sensual, pleasurable, and nice. It was a time to explore. I actually used my tongue to delicately trace over his lips.

He wanted to hug me. We hugged for a bit. He then took my hand, and kissed both the back and the palm of my right hand. We then kissed some more.

He moved over to my shoulders. He caressed my breasts. His hand went under my sweater and he carefully pulled up my bra. He continued to grope my breasts and play with my nipples.

My guy moved to my jeans, and unbuttoned and unzipped them. I touched his cock, which was extremely erect. I started to unzip his slacks. He went a few steps more and pulled his manhood out of his briefs. I gave him a brief handjob. He wanted me to kiss his penis. I ended up giving him a blowjob, which he enjoyed immensely. He came and hugged me tightly afterwards.

I still had my jeans down. He put his hand between my legs and then moved it to my panties, the small of my back, and then my buttocks. I was leaning on him.  He started to spank my right buttock. After the third smack, I did what I have wanted to do for a long time. I went over his lap in the backseat of his car.

I had peach-coloured panties on. He meticulously smacked each buttock with his right hand. He called me a naughty girl. He said that I wasn't going to sit tonight. He smacked me harder and harder. My buttocks got pinched and groped between smacks. He even smacked the backs of my thighs. I loved it.

At long last, he fingered my pussy and helped me reach orgasm. I was so happy. I was limp over his lap. I hugged him afterwards.

We were in each other's arms for an hour after that. He told me throughout the day that he had missed me and that he wanted me. The feeling was definitely mutual.

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