Saturday, February 18, 2012

Longing for a personal spanking

My guy and I haven't seen each other this week. He went into work on Monday. I worked from home.

He was in Washington, DC on a business trip Tuesday and Wednesday. I worked from home.

On Thursday, we both worked from home. On Friday, he came into work in the morning and left at 13:00. I came into work just before 15:00. He's off to Rome on a one-week business trip and catches his flight on Saturday. I already miss him.

It is tough being with someone who travels often. I miss talking to him and physically being with him. And yes, I miss having a sore bottom when I sit in a chair. I miss shifting around because it aches after a certain period. I miss not being able to lie on my back when I sleep, as my backside hurts too much in that position.

Tonight, I decided to watch an online video. It was a female teacher spanking a young female student. The latter has pale blue panties on. They provided little coverage, exposing much of her pale buttocks. She also had a plaid kilt on with a white blouse.

The student was bent over a wooden desk. Her teacher hiked up her student's kilt and used a leather paddle to smack her bare buttocks. I was incredibly turned on as the student's buttocks changed from various shades of pink as the video progressed.

The student also got spanked with a leather slapper, a belt, and the teacher's open hand. The first two options don't do much for me. However, I long to get a good hand spanking. I find it to be exceptionally personal. Not only does my backside hurt afterwards, but the spanker's hand does, too.

When my guy first spanked me, he had used his hand. It was his first spanking that he had ever administered. It was special to both of us. It still is.

Tonight, I long to be spanked by him. I know that I will in due time. Perhaps that is my punishment right now -- waiting for my next spanking from him.

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