Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hugging, kissing, touching, and spanking... resumed!

Wednesday had finally arrived. It was about time.

My guy and I hadn't seen each other in over three weeks. I went into work on Tuesday. He was supposed to be there, but he wasn't feeling well. We were both hoping that he was feeling better today. I didn't see an e-mail from him in my inbox, so I knew that he was on his way over to my place.

He arrived just after 10:00. He looked good in his brown leather jacket, a light blue dress shirt, navy blue pants, and a nice pair of leather shoes. As for me, I had a short black skirt and a blue v-neck sweater on.

It was nice to see him. I let him in. He took his jacket off. We immediately hugged, which lasted for quite some time. I could feel how hard his cock was pressed against me.

We kissed. He said that he had missed my lips. The feeling was mutual.

He led me by the hand to the living room.
"Where do you want me?" I asked him.
"I want you," he said, getting to the point. I smiled.
He held both my hands. He loves kissing the backs of them.
"Let me take a good look at you," he said, still holding both my hands. "You look prettier than ever."
Perhaps he should be away from me more often. It was a nice compliment.

We hugged and kissed. We were both standing. He then slowly slid my sweater down one shoulder, revealing my bra strap.
"I love black bras," he admitted.
"It's the only bra colour that works with this sweater," I said.
Eventually, the sweater came off. He began to kiss my neck and shoulders. My bra came off next. He had a bit of difficulty removing it.
"I hate hooks," he said.
"You should try wearing a bra," I joked.
He played with my right nipple. For the first time, he sucked it. It was wonderful. He did the same thing to my left nipple. I was enjoying it.

Whenever he visits me in the morning, he has never taken his shirt off. I have never asked him to, but it came up in a chat that we had a couple of weeks ago. I had an image in my mind of what his bare chest would look like. I was correct. It was nice and toned, and a bit hairy. I liked it.

I immediately started kissing his chest. I knew that he liked what I was doing, as he continued to kiss me.
"Oh, sweetie," he said, lovingly.
He then asked about my purple leather paddle. I went to get it. He liked it. I did, too. I was excited. I was also dreading the damage that he could do on my backside with it.

We continued to hug. He moved his right hand down to my left butt cheek. He groped it. He pinched it. He then moved his left hand over to my right buttock and did the same thing. I was turned on.

The leather side of the paddle came down on my skirt-covered backside. He alternated between paddling my left and right butt cheeks. He wanted to lift my skirt up. I helped him, so I just had my panties protecting my backside.

My guy didn't hold back. The swats came down hard with the leather side.
"You need to be online all the time," he said, continuing to paddle my backside. "You've been so bad."
"I know that I have," I said, wincing between swats.
"You know why I am punishing you, right?" he asked me.
"No," I said, acting like I was an innocent girl. More swats came down hard.
"Tell me why you are being spanked," he demanded.
"Because I am your slut and have been bad," I said.
I got paddled some more. It hurt a lot. At one point, I nearly dropped to my knees. He lightly swatted my left thigh with the fuzzy side of the paddle, but then continued to use the leather side on my stinging backside.
"Have you had enough?" he asked me.
"Yes," I said, nearly tearing up. He knew that I was done. He hugged me tightly.
We made it to my bed. He had me lie on my back, which my leg spread apart. He removed my panties and started working on making me climax. It didn't take much, with one finger up my butthole and a couple of fingers up my clit. I was in heaven. I relaxed for a bit, then sat up and kissed him.

I continued to kiss him on his lips. I held his back with my right hand. He was jerking off. He guided my hand down to his balls. I played with them, but moved down to his butthole. I fingered it. There are plenty of nerve endings there. He was aroused. He came on my forearm. We were both happy.

I held him in my arms. I kissed his head that was resting on my breasts. It was a lovely moment.

We cleaned up a bit and got dressed. He put my sweater on me. I like when he dresses me.

We kissed and hugged some more before he headed to the office.
"Don't behave," he said to me, smiling.
"I won't," I agreed.
It was a good day. My guy is back and my backside is sore again.

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