Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I snoozed, but I didn't lose... and we got off lucky

On Saturday, I spent the late afternoon and early evening relaxing. At around 18:00, I took a nap. It was probably the worst time for me to snooze.

I woke up nearly 45 minutes later to the sound of my cell phone ringing. I looked at the number. I didn't recognize it. I was groggy. The country code was 011. Nothing clicked with me.

It wasn't until I had checked my phone that I had an e-mail from my guy. It was to the point, as usual.
Which part of 24/7 did you not understand?
I immediately found my iPod touch and logged on to Skype. Sure enough, he was online.
"Hey," I said.
"Really??" he replied. Yes, he had two question marks.
"I can leave...," I teased.
"I have to use three different media to get a response?" he firmly asked me. "You're in trouble."
"I'm sorry," I said.
Being who he is, my guy had to say in parentheses that it was a part of the game. The conversation we had the night before was my guy playing the dominant role, and my being submissive. We continued it on Saturday.
"I don't know what I am going to do with you," he said, exasperated. "I will have to spank you hard, until your butt is red, sore, and bruised for days. When I say that you need to be online 24/7, I mean it."
"Yes, sir," I said. "It won't happen again. You will need to punish me for not catering to your sexual needs tonight."
This scene is new to the both of us, but it was fun. We both got off.
"I miss your full, soft lips, and your smooth tongue," he said after he had come. "I love when you kiss me and when you suck me. You're great at both."
"I absolutely adore kissing you," I replied. He is a great kisser, who has equally soft, full lips.
Although we have been apart from each other for nearly three weeks, we have grown closer over the past few days.
"Did you ask whether [a mutual colleague at work] misses me?" my guy asked me during our conversation.
"I didn't ask. Should I?" I asked him.
"If she's crying at work, she must be," he replied.
"That sounds like me," I said.
"Oh, sweetness," he said tenderly.
"I normally have it all together," I explained. "I just didn't on Friday. I missed you so much."
"It was so sweet when you cried," he said.
He is loving and he wants to make my bare bottom sore. A few more days to go before I get spanked again. It's all good.

After we had both got off, I checked my voicemail for one new message. It was my guy, saying that I was "dead" for not being online. I am glad that he was playing a role. I never want to truly make him annoyed at me. As expected, he sweetly said, "Bye for now."

Again, he's a keeper.

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