Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Christening a new paddle and reversing roles

It has been another crazy day at work. We have a software release tomorrow. I write the release notes. It's tedious work. Someone has to prepare them.

On Saturday, my guy wasn't sure whether he was going into work today. He didn't touch base with me for most of the workday. I was chatting on GTalk with a colleague, who told me that he was at work. I told her to say hi to him for me. I left it at that.

I work extremely long hours since I have returned to work, mainly because I have been working from home. I decided to shut down my laptop at 18:00. For me to do that is a miracle these days.

Moments later, my cell phone rang. I have the ringtone set to my guy's voice, saying that I am "dead." My guy was calling me. He couldn't find me online. We talked.
"I am sorry about cancelling on you on the weekend," he started to explain.
"It's okay," I said. "You had a long travel day and I know that you wanted to be clean for the both of us."
He went on to explain how he couldn't figure out how to return his rental car at an airport in Germany, mainly because the rental car lot was hidden. He was panicking and was sweating like crazy. I would be if I couldn't figure it out and had a flight to catch.

He got patted down when he was flying to Philadelphia. He got the same treatment heading back to Toronto.
"I need to work for airport security or customs," I hinted. "I would have loved to have patted you down."
He liked that remark. It was like we were going through a role reversal today. He is normally the one who makes such remarks.
"Are you coming tomorrow?" he asked me.
"Which sense of that are you referring to?" I said, which made him chuckle. "Or, is that a rhetorical question?"
"I had meant the former," he admitted. "I am too jetlagged to be as sharp as I normally am. Both would be nice, now that I think about it."
He asked me whether I have been naughty.
"You've been away for three weeks, so I have," I admitted. "That fuzzy purple paddle needs to be christened on my backside by you."
The christening will take place on Wednesday. I have an interview that I am conducting over the phone at 09:30. He tends to stop by at around 10:20.
"Maybe our appointments will overlap," he said. He likes touching me while I am talking to someone on the phone.
"I'd rather be over your lap," I stated. He liked the mood that I was in.
We reflected on the last time he had come over to my place.
"I liked that entire day, from spanking you to kissing you. I want to kiss you and see you so badly," he told me.
"I'm glad you remember that day as fondly as I do," I admitted.
"Of course! I can't forget it," he said frankly.
He then said that he had to go to Costco and shop. He hasn't been there for two weeks. It is his favourite store.
"You can go get a hot dog and get Costco out of debt," I said, teasing him.
"That doesn't sound good," he stated.
"But, it sounds fine when I say it," I reminded him, referring more to the hot dog remark.
"I think I'll go hug the cute Eastern European woman in the eyeglasses department," he said, trying to get me jealous.
"Have fun," I said.
"I'd rather be hugging and kissing you than her," he said, caving in.
"You're either being mushy or you care about me," I stated.
"It's both," he said, without any hesitation.
"It must be the jetlag talking, but I like it."
I sat there, smiled for a bit, wished him a good evening, and continued to smile.

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