Monday, February 27, 2012

Thinking about receiving a birthday spanking

I love a birthday spanking. I always have.

My birthday is in July. Growing up, I didn't have a birthday party each year with friends, mainly because it was in the summer. My birthday is between Canada Day and July the fourth, meaning that it tends to occur during the long weekend, when folks are away at the cottage or on vacation.

I don't find it to be a sad story, though. My parents always made sure that I had a birthday cake and was happy on my day.

It wasn't until I had found a partner to spank me on my birthday that I appreciated a good birthday spanking. I love waiting until the stroke of midnight on my birthday to go over his lap in either a pair of shorts or pajama bottoms and get my age in birthday smacks, followed by one smack for good luck, and another to grown on.

In recent years, my birthday spanking consisted of the aforementioned ritual over my shorts or pajama bottoms first. They would then be removed and I would receive the same number of smacks over my panties. Finally, the panties come off and I would get the same number of smacks on my bare buttocks.

After phase one, I would then be spanked by taking my age multiplied by ten on my bare bottom. I prefer having an open hand slap my backside, but like varying the smacks with a paddle or a ruler.

I have never been forced to count each smack delivered on my backside. I may need to explore that option to see whether I like it. 

Last summer, I didn't get a birthday spanking, as I didn't have anyone to give me a proper one. I am hoping to introduce the idea slowly to my guy Frankly, I like the idea of having a birthday spanking every month!

Anyway, I came across Sarah Gregory's birthday spanking for 2012. I liked how she gets a birthday spanking for every new outfit that she wears.

I am not sure if my guy would enjoy receiving a birthday spanking. I have given him lovetaps now and again. It is worth exploring, although I have a feeling that he likes administering them more these days.

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