Friday, March 02, 2012

E-mail exchanges, parking lot meetings, and a spanking to come

My guy has written a number of e-mails to me this week. Normally, I am the one who tends to initiate them. It has been quite the role reversal this week.

The day after our backseat session in his car, he wrote me an e-mail. It was unexpected, but sweet:
Hey there sweet girl,
How are you doing? Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. It was very special.
I wrote back to him:
Hey, playful badge-pulling guy!
Yesterday was nice. Sitting is a constant reminder for me. It's all good. Thank you, too.
My guy is boyish. The other day, he tugged on my retractable work badge a few times. He then looked at my photo and said that it was a nice picture of me.

My guy likes spanking me. It's nice. I don't have to say anything. He will normally whisper in my ear that I have been bad or just ask whether I have been a good girl. If not, he will go ahead and lightly smack my backside to indicate that he wants to give me a spanking.

The wonderful part about the other day was my going over his lap. It is probably one of my favourite spanking positions. I feel close to my spanker. I get extremely excited and wet. I can feel his penis become more erect as he spanks me. I love it when my panties come down and all you hear is the sound of my bare buttocks getting smacked repeatedly. I love the thought of having a sore, red bottom afterwards and being sore for at least a day.

The neat part of our relationship these days is that we think about each other a lot. We think about the same things a lot. Tonight, we had another brief e-mail exchange. He kicked it off by asking whether I would be in the office tomorrow. He wasn't there today, but I had come in for a few hours. I have been to work three times this week. He has only been to the office once.

I wrote back to him:
If you'd like a parking lot meeting, we can do it at 2 pm tomorrow and I can avoid going into the office. Otherwise, if you have another suggestion, just let me know and we'll take it from there.
My guy responded, "Actually, a 2:30 pm parking lot meeting sounds good."

I am liking these meetings. They prevent me from working too hard at home. They are a lot of fun with someone you care deeply about and a nice way to kick off the weekend with sore backside.

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