Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catalogue of cute bottoms?

Just a wacky thought.  With roughly a week to buy all your Christmas gift and such, wouldn't it be nice to give the gift of spanking to a naughty little boy or girl?

As an example, I would love it if G gave me a magazine where I could either select from a number of cute backsides to spank to my heart's content.  Or, if it were my birthday, not only would I get my celebratory spanking from G, but I could also have another firm hand administer my much deserved birthday smacks.

Of course, I'd have to see if G would like another spanker smacking my soon-to-be crimson backside.  Still, a girl can dream, right?

This dream is similar to going up to a vending machine and selecting a spanking implement to be used on my bottom.  The downside is that I'd need to rob a bank.  I just need a drawer!

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