Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sandals and paddles

As I've said in my previous post, I've been busy. The fall semester has just ended for me. I submitted my final assignment on Friday. I managed to balance two courses, work, and family life for the past four months. I am beat, both literally (my bottom is sore as I type this post) and figuratively.

I have been stressed out over work and school, particularly within the last four weeks. Can a good spanking alleviate stress? It sure can!

Well, after dinner, I went to exercise downstairs in the basement. My hubby, G, came downstairs after my workout and said that he wanted to give me a spanking. I was game. Normally, he spanks me in phases. I'll get a number of swats over my pants or whatever I'm wearing, and then over my panties, and then on the bare. Tonight was different. He went straight for my bare bottom.

He did start my spanking off slowly, by gently giving me a number of lovetaps. I was on the floor on all fours. He then took out the wooden paddle. I lost track of how many slaps I got with it after eighty. I enjoyed it, although my bottom was starting to sting.

He then asked me to bend over the exercise bench. The bench was acting as G's lap. He took out one of my favourite implements, which happens to be a Sketchers sandal that I have yet to break in on my feet. My bottom has broken them in just fine, thanks! What's nice about the sandal is that it is wide. The heel part has no give, but the top part of it does. So, G, spanks me with the heel part of it. It hurts, but I do enjoy how my bottom smarts afterwards.

I'm sure he must have used the sandal on me at least a hundred times. I was wet from this whole experience. I could feel it. G checked by fingering me. I was clearly enjoying myself. So was he. =)

I still have to write about our birthday spankings. I may need to refresh my memory by reliving both experiences soon. =)

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