Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekend birthday spankings

G and I give each other real birthday spankings.  However, we are such fans of the ritual that we take it a few swats -- er, steps, that is -- further.  If we could possibly have them every day, we'd be the happiest people.  However, it means that we'd be aging rapidly and our sore bottoms wouldn't have time to recuperate from all the smacks.

Instead, we try and do weekly spankings.  Considering how busy we both have been as of late, weekly birthday spankings work out nicely.  As of late, we've been administering them on the weekends.  Mine was tonight.

G worked in a slightly different routine.  I went over his knee.  He took down my pajama bottoms and my panties, exposing my bare bottom.  Out came the wooden ruler with holes.  It actually is more like a wooden plank, but it's as short as a ruler.  So, if I'm n years of age, I received n + 1 slaps with the ruler.  My bottom started to sting a bit afterwards.

Next, he asked me to flip over on my back.  So, I did just that on our bed.  Up came my legs.  I rarely get spanked in diaper position, but I did tonight.  Another n + 1 slaps with the wooden ruler.  It was different.  For some reason, I was fine sticking my legs up in the air.  However, I got another set of n + 1 slaps.  I had difficulty keeping my legs up for that long, so G helped me as best as he could while slapping my bottom silly.

At this point, I could feel the heat generated by the ruler slaps.  I was then asked to stand facing the wall.  I knew what was coming.  It got me all excited.

Yep, I was going to get spanked with my favourite sandal.  I got n + 1 spanks on each cheek.  G divided the sets into tens, so each cheek got to rest for a bit.  I'm glad, because they hurt!  After receiving my birthday smacks, I had to rub my bottom for a bit.

I like when I've been thoroughly spanked.  I feel the soreness when I'm sitting down, typing this blog entry, for example.  G takes pride in knowing that he did a fine job when I whine about how sore my backside is to do anything.  Even breathing hurts!  I don't get any sympathy.  Just a threat to get a harder spanking next weekend.  It's nice to playfully whine sometimes.

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