Saturday, July 31, 2021

New panties

The other day, I got two pairs of panties from a local vendor. Years ago, I got a pair of bamboo briefs for the ex. I never got anything for me.

Recently, this store had an online sale, so I had to take advantage of it.

I got a pair of seamless penguin panties:

Here's the back:

These are the bamboo panties with a roller skates pattern:

Here's the back:

I'm currently wearing the roller skates one. They are comfortable and don't ride up. They stay put, which is awesome!

It's a long weekend here. I took an extra day off, so it's a four-day weekend for me. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I really like them, especially the roller pair! Very cute!

    1. I do, too! I may need to get more soon. They are comfy!