Friday, July 16, 2021

Renewing one out of three expired items

Last July, my driver's licence, driver's licence plate sticker, and health card all expired. It was the expiration trifecta!

Due to the pandemic, the government of Ontario said that these expired items were still valid until further notice. I decided not to renew online. I thought that, for sure, I needed a new photo for my driver's licence, but wasn't sure about my health card.

The situation is the same a year later. However, the government estimates that there will be huge lineups once these ServiceOntario places reopen to everyone that it recommends that folks renew online.

I just did my renewal for my driver's licence plate sticker online. It felt normal. Part of me didn't do it last year because a colleague did and got his sticker several months later. I believe that our mail system is doing much better these days that it shouldn't take that long.

Maybe when I get paid next, I will see if I can renew the other two items online. It doesn't hurt to try.

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