Monday, July 19, 2021

Making chili from scratch, but with a kit

On Sunday, I made chili that came in a small kit. It included raw beans that required soaking overnight.

I see why I like buying canned beans to make chili. I don't have to deal with soaking them, simmering them, and then getting to the actual chili-making phase. I went through the whole process and my chili turned out well.

Frankly, I like making my own chili. I can control the sodium in it. I used a chili flavour pack that came with this kit and it had more salt than I was used to.

The chili tasted a lot better a few hours later. I imagine that it will be fabulous later on today. I made a lot and it's so filling. I may change things up and make nachos with some of it.

I have two more weeks before there's a long weekend. I am enjoying not doing as many online Zoom calls. It's so much better to use see the world as safely as possible. 

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