Monday, August 10, 2020

Throwing out the past and finding an NHL team to cheer in the playoffs

 I spent Sunday getting rid of things at home. This task will take a while, but I have made some decent progress. 

Many were either reminders of my ex-guy, such as a fake flower in a vase that he got, along with my manager at the time and an intern when I went into the hospital for surgery. It was back in 2011, shortly after we had started dating.

Looking at this item doesn't bring me joy anymore. It occupies space on my dresser and I needed to get rid of it.

As for hockey, the Winnipeg Jets, Minnesota Wild, and Toronto Maple Leafs have ended their playoff season. I don't know which team I should cheer on now.


  1. Can't help you with the team decision sorry. Get those flowers out of there.