Monday, August 03, 2020

Comments on my blog - part 3

Here's hoping that I don't create an ongoing series of updates pertaining to my blog and its comments settings. I never thought that I needed to clamp down on spam. It was my first time doing so. I've had this blog for fifteen years, which is crazy!

To make a long story shorter, I changed my blog's comment permission setting from everyone to those who are followers of my blog. My understanding was that if you are deemed a Blogger follower of my blog, you could continue to comment on posts.

Well, so much for how things should be. I was touched when I saw Can't Comment on Cutiebootie's Blog and Message to Toronto as blog post titles. It was touching that they reached out to let me know that they couldn't add comments. I appreciate you!

When tons of spam messages flooded my blog, I initially changed the setting to allow only readers with a Google account to leave comments. I suppose that Blogger wasn't fast enough to clamp down. Two days after I had made the change, I was still getting spam messages. I decided to change it to only followers who could comment. The spam finally ceased.

On Sunday, I decided to change my blog setting back to comments accepted when you log in with your Google account. I left it that way for seven hours. No spam. Yay!

I then let Fondles and Michael know about my change. I'm happy that comments work for one of them. Here's hoping that it works for the other and everyone who has a Google account.

I will keep it on this setting for a bit. If it's still quiet on the spam front, I will consider giving everyone access to commenting.

It has been such a relaxing long weekend that I have decided to defer my self-spanking to this upcoming weekend.


  1. Hi - Testing...testing, test. I don't visit here often, but when I do I would like to be able to comment thus my reason for this test ;)

    1. Hi, Enzo! It's nice to see you here again. Thanks for helping me test and hope you're well! =)

  2. awww... *blush* thanks for the mention. it's no biggie, I just like leaving a comment now and again, even if i'm not writing on every post.

    Good luck with the spam. and glad that you had a relaxing weekend! we're having one coming up THIS weekend! I'm looking forward to it.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I like when you do comment here and there. =)

      Enjoy your upcoming long weekend! I am looking forward to my next one in a month's time. =)