Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Car maintenance that cost me nothing

On Monday, I finally bit the bullet and took my car in for servicing. I have put off getting my car's winter tires off due to the pandemic. When my oil change light lit up on the dashboard, I knew that I had to bring my car in. Thank goodness we are in stage 3 of businesses reopening.

I normally drop off my car and get a shuttle ride home. With the pandemic happening, shuttle service is unavailable. Instead, I had to sit there with a mask on and wait for my car.

The work done on my car took two hours. I will say that sitting under air conditioning with a comfortable cotton mask on was great. I used three hours of paid time off from work that I was supposed to take in early July, but was on vacation. I loved sitting there, relaxing, and vegging.

How much did I pay for the car maintenance. Nothing. Crazy, huh?

My car service was under warranty. Getting my all-season tires on was free, thanks to the tire rotation part of the servicing being done. I had paid for two seasons of tire storage at the place, so I didn't need to pay for more.

To top things off, I had a great service advisor. He was kind. It was nice chatting with him about everything from running out of printer paper, to pointing me in the right direction to get my free messenger bag. Yes, I got a free bag that's pretty nice.

It was a good day.


  1. Sounds like you charmed some good service out of the garage people.Bet you smiled all coquettishly at them and wiggled your bottom as you left.

    1. I like your style. I should give flirting a try. I need a cute mask to match my outfit. =)