Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Sodastream machine and my beverage centre

On Saturday, I picked up my new Sodastream Fizzi One Touch machine that I had already paid for online.

I love it. I have made root beer and raspberry mint beverages so far.

The instructions that you get from Sodastream on using your machine are like those from IKEA. They are all diagrams. One reason for pictures is that companies save on translation.

Well, I still needed to go online to watch a Sodastream video on how to use it. I'm good now!

I have decided to create a beverage centre on the top floor of my home. It occupied a small corner of my den. I spend a lot of time working from home on this floor. It makes sense that I house my Keurig (I need to dust it off, as I can't remember when I last used it!) and Sodastream machines. I also bought a stand for my K-cups years ago that can come out of its box.

I have a small kitchen, so having these machines on the counter takes up way too much space. I typically bring my iced tea and beverages upstairs anyway, so having these machines up there makes sense to me.

My long weekend is coming to a close. It was nice taking it easy and relaxing.


  1. My wife gets "Fizzi with one touch" afer an orgasm as her skin becomes ultra sensitive.

  2. Your drink machines set up sounds lovely!

    1. Thanks, Fondles! It's fun to have a beverage centre. I'm so fancy working from home these days. =)