Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Seeing my ex-guy's car triggered bittersweet memories and emotions

It took one basic trigger to make me feel sad about the demise of my relationship with my ex-guy. After work on Thursday, I was walking over to my car and saw his parked in the lot.

Memories came back. I last sat in his car to go out for lunch in early July. Although we never had quality time in the backseat of this car, it was a reminder that cars were an important part of our relationship.

We haven't talked since early June. I have basically shut communication down.

He doesn't know that I have a new car, so he likely thought that I wasn't at work. Even if I did tell him about it, I doubt that he would have wanted to contact me at work, if he had a chance. I'm glad that he hasn't. It would also cause me to feel sad speaking to him.

As of late, I have been pretty upbeat. I am sensitive, though.

Seeing his car on Thursday was a bummer. It's the downside of dating a colleague and your relationship ends, but your employment at the company does not. Luckily, he doesn't come to the office often. Still, seeing his car in the lot for a brief period conjured bittersweet memories.

I'm better now that I have written my thoughts in this blog post. My blog provides a source of comfort, to sort out my thoughts as I continue to get through this breakup.

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