Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Bumpy first day of training, but all worked out well

My first day training my new student wasn't the smoothest, but I tend to get through things as best I can.

I arrived at work safely. I found the room where I'll be for the next two weeks. I powered up my laptop and it switched off immediately.

I then play around with the power outlets in this room. Half of them don't work.

My manager typically gives the security person and receptionist a heads-up e-mail that we are expecting a new student. He sent out nothing. I sent out an e-mail to them at around 9:05 am. The security guy is away on vacation till May 6 (what?!) and the receptionist wasn't there.

I decided to simply drop down to the waiting area after I plugged in my laptop and managed to power it up at 1% battery power.

My new student and I connected immediately. He didn't check in because the receptionist wasn't there. Instead, we checked him in with the security guy, who didn't seem like he knew what he was doing.

Then, there's his laptop. We went to our IT department and there was a sign saying that it was closed for the day. Ugh!

I contacted my helpful co-ordinator. She was pretty busy with a batch of students. She found the IT guy and let me know that my student's laptop was there. Yay!

On top of all this chaos, my manager decided to take the entire day off to run errands. Weird. It was like he was asking me if I'd be okay with that. Well, he really didn't need to be at the office, other than to greet our new student. I am fine training my student. It's not like he can or will.

Anyway, we both survived. Here's hoping for smoother training sessions ahead.

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