Friday, September 20, 2019

Lonely boss and incompetent colleague - both are October babies

My manager feels lonely working at his desk. I haven't sat next to him for nearly three weeks.

My first two weeks were spent training my new student in a meeting room a few floors down from where I typically work. My incompetent colleague on my team was supposed to work on a software release, but couldn't get her act together. I took that task away from her and trained my student on it. We both split up the work, which went well.

I had a talk with this incompetent colleague. She can't commit to deadlines even though I took off major tasks from her plate. She is simply an idiot.

It's interesting that both our manager and this incompetent colleague have birthdays in October. They are polar opposites as far as personalities and work ethic go.

I get to sit at my desk later on today. It'll be a bit weird, but I look forward to the change in environment.

On Thursday, my manager had to drop by our meeting room simply to chat. Our chat had nothing to do with work. I gave him the tipoff that there was food at another meeting room. He appreciated it. It's nice that he likes our company.

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