Sunday, September 08, 2019

She did it! Bianca is the U.S. Open champion in women's tennis!

Bianca Andreescu, who hails from Mississauga, is Canada's first singles winner when she won the U.S. Open yesterday.

I am so proud of her that I cried seeing her win it. She's so humble and calm, which are qualities that I appreciate, especially in such a young woman. She is mature beyond her years.

Canada is so proud! #sheTheNorth


  1. Some of U.S. were hoping for Serena to tie the record. Still, congratulations are definately in order.

    Rob N.

    1. For sure. As Bianca said, it was tough to win the U.S. Open with most of the crowd cheering for Serena to tie the record. Her response was typically Canadian when she apologized.