Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A compliment from my manager

I worked from home on Tuesday. I had a conference call with my manager. As usual, he was running late.

I decided to review a video that my student had redone while waiting for him. When he got on the call, he heard part of it.
"Is that our student?" he asked me.
"Yes, it's a video that she did for our new application," I replied.
"She sounds professional," he complimented.
"She does. She's the only person on my team who is professional," I noted, hinting at the clueless woman in yesterday's post.
"There's you, too. Don't forget to include you. You count as 1.5 people on the professional scale, which makes up for her deficiency," he said.
It was a nice compliment to hear. I paid it forward and shared the compliment that my student got from our manager with her.

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