Friday, November 02, 2018

Departing colleague who thinks I'm Yoda

Another colleague in my department has decided to leave the company. She has been with us for 1.5 years.

I have been pretty busy at work with various software releases. She had a question for me and wrote an e-mail. I answered it a couple of hours after she had sent it, as my team was still trying to get our deliverables out the door.

In my response, I decided to wish her the best with her new job. I indicated that I was going to miss working with her, while still happy about her moving up in the world. She is the person who did not properly lock a washroom stall that she was in and I walked in, thinking that it was free. My guy still teases me now and again about it. It's funny, but we both have moved on from that odd moment.

My colleague wrote back and expressed pretty much the same thing -- that she wished that she could continue to work with me. She went one step further by saying that I am her Yoda. It's sweet, as she feels that I have an answer to any question that she has.

Another colleague and I are organizing her farewell lunch. I am also collecting money towards her parting gift. It's nice that we are all a thoughtful bunch and we get along.


  1. Mmmmm. At the risk of you think I'm completely ignorant: What is a Yoda?


    1. When my colleague told me that I was her Yoda, she actually referenced who Yoda was at the bottom of her e-mail. I knew who Yoda is, but didn't think in my post that I should have included it.

      I added a link to Yoda's biography. He is a wise, powerful character in the Star Wars series. My colleague was giving me a compliment about how knowledgeable I am. I can assure you that I"m not short and green!