Thursday, November 08, 2018

Chatting with my guy about stick shifters

My guy called me as he was driving back from a small town forty minutes away from where he lives.
"What were you doing there?" I asked him.
"I'm getting a shifter for my classic car," he said.
He explained that he can't shift between gears well on the existing one.
"The shifter needs to be tight," he explained.
"Yes, I have lots of experience with your shifter being tight," I teased.
He was telling me that he found some in the States, but duty and shipping fees would kill him. I reminded him that I was driving over the border in less than two weeks. I advised that he could ship it to the hotel where I am staying and I'd drive back with it.

He loved that I would do that for him. I just asked him to let me know when he has completed his order. I'd then drop it off to him when I return from my weekend getaway.


  1. LOL your conversation is so cheeky and full of teasing. I love it!

    1. Thanks! I love when we tease each other. It's fun. =)